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BML Monday: The RPOF Chair Scandal

Scandal occasionally rocks the political world. We have one in Florida involving the RPOF, the chair of the party and Governor DeSantis’ reaction, which I am not sure is good at all. At the moment we don’t know the veracity of the claims, but the allegation is being exploited for political gain. Collateral damage may be the most devastating of this event, even though it shouldn’t be. Our friends at Moms for Liberty are in the target zone.

In a similar case, Casey Anthony prosecutor and current judge Jeff Ashton will not face charges after allegations against him are found to be without sufficient evidence.

The courts have ruled Marcy’s law actually protects nobody. Law Enforcement wants a fix for that. Governor DeSantis’ congressional map has passed one appellate court level, but the battle is not done. One bill in Tallahassee will target pronoun use in the workplace while another, not well thought out at this point, will tweak red flag law to further erode the second amendment.

Let’s get our talk week started.


What kind of entitlement is this?

Funny and Sad at the same time


DeSantis calls for Ziegler’s resignation after salacious allegations

The scandalous accusations

The dirty details

Ziegler defiant, says he’s staying in RPOF Chair

The expected attacks

Ashton case much the same, but no evidence

Marcy’s Law- protects nobody? Police Union wants fix

Appeals court Oks DeSantis congressional maps

Pronoun bill in play for legislative session

Red Flag tweak not well thought out


Santos tossed from US House

PA’s Thin Blue Line flag ruling

Person of Interest coming to life

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