Bill Mick has been in talk radio since the late 1990's. Coming to the mic after a career in law enforcement and management in private industry, Bill was also a collegiate and professional baseball umpire who had served 6 years in the West Virginia Air National Guard as a "weekend warrior".

Through his adult life Bill was a news junkie and constantly monitoring current events. He had always felt a sense of civic responsibility and tried to remain politically aware. Voting was not an optional activity, it was a responsibility. Bill had plenty of time for radio listening as he spent many long hours on the road in his police job. His boss in Charleston, WV's Metro Drug Unit had introduced Bill to Rush Limbaugh as the unit was conducting surveillance one afternoon in 1989. Bill had the bug. Not only were the news and politics interesting and important, they were now entertaining, funny and having an impact for so many.

Bill never imagined he would be a talk host. It happened almost by accident. Bill's family moved to Satellite Beach in 1998. Almost instantly Bill started missing relevant conversation on morning radio. There was nothing like he had become used to in WV. It was local, it was current and it was usually hotly debated. No one was doing that in Brevard.

Bill contacted John Harper, a Space Coast independent radio station owner, and had a meeting. Having no idea what was ahead, Bill was soon doing overnight talk radio and eventually moved into the morning drive slot. A short 3 years later Bill moved across town to Clear Channel where, outside of a two year stint at Modesto, California's KFIV, Bill Mick LIVE has remained. Bill's goal is to keep it local, current, relevant and to have a huge dose of audience interaction.




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