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BML Tuesday: Language, Loyalty & Lewdness

This week we’ve seen a US Congresswoman loving up on her boyfriend in public. Could we now see a US Senator in a bikini on the Senate floor? Not that we’d want to, but Susan Collins says it’s possible. Was that a threat?

The Marines appear to have found their missing F-35.

President Trump apparently owns the RPOF. They have scrapped their loyalty pledge so Trump can be on our ballots. It’s a good move. Will they do the same for their membership or are they in a lower class of Republican? Speaking of elections, Melbourne Mayor Paul Alfrey will face a reelection challenge as former Mayor Kathy Meehan wants to return to the job. Let’s see, drag queen story hour or special rules for elected officials? That seems to be the choice.

In hour-three Dave Bowman is back with another edition of DAVE DOES HISTORY. Today we’ll get a look at George Washington’s farewell address. Dave’s insights are always enlightening. I’m looking forward to that.

Our day begins IN A HANDBASKET where language is in focus. It used to be that some words were not heard much in public conversation. That’s changed. Suzy Fleming Leonard’s observations in Florida Today get us thinking on this Tuesday.





FOUND IT! (the F-35)

A bikini on the Senate floor?

RPOF scraps loyalty pledge- Trump forced it out

Silencing Trump- the gag order request

Gannett begging for credibility (try doing the job)


Dave Bowman




Senator Wright has history with shelter where altercation occurred

West Melbourne home invasion turns deadly

78 year-old kills neighbor over tree dispute

Brevard cuts $ to EDC

Meehan to challenge Alfrey for Melbourne Mayor

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