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BML Monday: Music, Money & Mayhem

Ask band parents and they’ll likely tell you they have no idea why football games break out around their kids’ scheduled performances! That’s how it seems, at least. You’d think in Alabama there would be a somewhat different view. We find one band director there who learned the hard way that football is about the game.

How in the world, or maybe where in the world, do you lose an F-35? You pilots in the region, care to enlighten us?

New Mexico’s governor has backed off on her emergency health order on firearms. She was losing on every front and maybe, finally, got the message.

In a feature story over the weekend, Florida Today shows that Brevard’s County Commission clearly doesn’t care about having informed voters. The commission seems dug in on keeping sample ballots out of voter hands with the unelected member, TransKristine- Jason Steele, being the most vocal of them all.

The RPOF has scrapped its loyalty pledge. It’s a good move and another good thing brought about by President Trump. If they wanted the leading candidate in their primary and their events, the pledge had to go. It may be the wisest thing I have seen the RPOF do…ever.

Welcome to the start of our talk week on BML.


The Band Director & the Cops



How do you lose an F-35?

NM Governor backs down on gun order

SOE sample ballots & the County Commission

RPOF scraps loyalty pledge- Trump forced it out

Silencing Trump- the gag order request

Gannett begging for credibility (try doing the job)

TX AG acquitted in impeachment



Pistol whipped in Malibar

Brevard cuts $ to EDC

Meehan to challenge Alfrey for Melbourne Mayor

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