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The Week That Was

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Here’s a recap of the week…

BML Monday: Rights and Responsibilities

…bad decisions

On this anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks on our nation we’ll do what Americans do- move on with life in defiance of what the terrorists had hoped. It’s the best way to show that we are not defeated. We’ll remember. We’ll honor our fallen, the victims and the heroes and we’ll live our lives.

It’s interesting that there are others who would deprive us of our freedoms, our rights. IN A HANDBASKET we’ll see where a “finger gun” has another elementary school kid in hot water. New Mexico’s governor has gone much further and the citizens there have reacted as we’d hoped they might.

California has passed laws requiring no book removal in its schools and that parents affirm their children’s’ gender preferences.

Americans are approving of age limits for politicians. The Democrats are under pressure to replace President Biden as their 2024 nominee.And, speaking of rights, the Biden administration has been found to have violated the first amendment, but it doesn’t seem to care.

Locally, D-33 has inserted himself into the residency concerns with the mayor of West Melbourne, the probe into the FAU presidency search investigation is delayed and JJ Dynamite tried to kill Viera’s football season.

It’s rights and responsibilities on this Monday edition of BML.

BML Tuesday: Cable’s Back- Are You?

DAVE DOES HISTORY- to the moon!

In 1962 President Kennedy inspired the nation to go to the moon. It was a rousing address and the nation responded. Our community was integral in the effort and we are now the Space Coast.But was that speech exactly what the nation thought it was? We’ll explore that with Dave Bowman as DAVE DOES HISTORY in our final hour today.

We’ll begin IN A HANDBASKET where idiot protesters do stupid things and then complain when we wonder if they are mentally ill.

Spectrum and ESPN/Disney have reached an agreement just in time for Monday Night Football. Will customers forgive them for taking away week one of the college football season? I’m not sure I am ready to.

The Brevard School Board is tossing around the idea of not broadcasting public comment due to the inappropriate material some are sharing during that comment time. The material comes from books available to kids in our schools. If it’s not appropriate for broadcast, should it be in our schools?

Welcome to Tuesday!

BML: Wide Open Wednesday

…Brevard schools, elections, arts & more

The day is yours. It’s our one day each week where you may bring up any topic you like when you call BML. Be ready to lay it out for us and let us know what’s on your mind.

For my part, we have gender issues IN A HANDBASKET and in the courts, New Mexico’s governor getting pushback on her edict banning firearms carry in Albuquerque, Congress wanting to regulate AI content of political ads, Brevard’s school board making changes to public comment and inappropriate content and FINALLY, a story from Florida Today on the County Commission and Johnus Disgustus playing politics with Supervisor of Elections Tim Bobanic’s budget while that same commission wants to revisit funding for the arts. Somebody’s priorities are out of whack! So are their ethics.

It’s WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY- what’s it going to be?

BML Thursday: When Rookies Play Politics

…more action with school and county issues

There is a reason that rookies are not team captains. They may be talented or even a great asset, but they don’t fully know the culture or intricacies of the game. When they play, they learn. At least they’re supposed to. When rookies try and take charge, when they try and bring their immature understanding of the game to a leadership role, they have not matured enough to effectively lead. It often ends in disaster. One such train wreck is playing out in Brevard politics. We’ll explore it in hour-three.

Our day opens with the common cold and advances to the latest round of COVID.

A judge has partially blocked the NM governor’s order on carrying firearms. The Brevard County Commission will revisit arts funding from TDC taxes.There is no indication that elections are important to them at all. 

School board battles have made it to the US Senate and it was well played by one senator. Here at home, Brevard’s board will change its public comment, in seems, in an effort to protect objectionable material in our schools.

We’ll see what you think of these topics as we have our Thursday discussion on BML.

BML Friday: W Melbourne Mayor Out

…our Friday focus

Ustaville used to have a mayor.Now it doesn’t. Hal Rose has “retired” from the position after disqualifying himself by moving out of town. Not that he didn’t try and stay on the job, but that didn’t work out so well. Now, council will appoint an interim mayor for the rest of the term and two council members are in the race to become mayor next time out.

California has a better way for all of us to live and they are going to tell us about it. Just like we don’t care how things are done up north, we couldn’t care less about California’s suggestions, but we’ll hear about them anyway as we begin our day.

We also have the darndest case of suicide ever, making an unwanted house guest feel welcome, Hunter Biden indicted and Governor DeSantis talking the war on our southern border. School vouchers have increased the students leaving public schools, but not in the numbers many may have thought. Brevard’s school board has changed its public comment policy.It makes me wonder the true motive.

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