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Each day Bill records a MICKnugget, a one-minute take on some issue that got his attention that morning. Below are the scripts for last week’s NUGGETS. 

CLICK HERE if you’d like to hear them. Here are the scripts:

09.11.23- Our Rights Under Assault

Rights controlled by government are not rights at all. We are seeing far too many examples of governments, by the acts of elected officials, curtailing our rights by laws and orders.

In New Mexico the governor issued an emergency public health order stopping the lawful carry of firearms in Albuquerque and the surrounding area. This is beyond the scope of her power and is blatantly unconstitutional. Yet, she did it.

Did COVID teach her how to manipulate law to impose her will?

Law Enforcement is ignoring the order, so far, and the people are openly carrying their guns in protest. The order is being challenged in court and impeachment of the governor has to be considered.

California has enacted laws that take parental control away from school decisions and even require parents to affirm “gender affirming care’ for their kids, even if the parent believes it is wrong.

Rights are rights. Privilege is granted by law. Officials need to learn the difference. If not, we need to teach it to them.

09.12.23- How Old is Old?

It’s clear that some of our aging politicians are a concern. With not just the health, but the capabilities of several powerful members of congress being in question, the idea of age limits has come up.

A recent CBS poll says that over 75% of us, across all ages and political parties, believe that some age limit should be applied to our politicians. Seventy was the preferred limit of the poll.

The question really isn’t one of age, but of competence. 

While an age or competency test sounds attractive, the reality is that if we as voters are doing our jobs, this never becomes an issue.

Sure, it’s complicated by incumbency and massive campaign war chests, but if we take our citizenship seriously, it’s our duty to vet candidates before voting.

The voters can control this, if we’ll only do our jobs.

09.13.23- Priorities

Brevard’s county commission would like to revisit a recent decision. The idea is to restore funding to the Brevard arts community and the Cultural Alliance.

Priorities are interesting things.

While the arts folks are pressuring the commissioners for tax handouts, the commission is not reconsidering returning funds to the Supervisor of Elections’ budget for sample ballots.

These things are not equal. Elections are a core function of government. Arts are discretionary and not a government responsibility.

Not only are these commissioners ethically challenged (they are participating in Commissioner Johnus Disgustus Tobia’s campaign to unseat the sitting Supervisor of Elections), they don’t understand properly allocating tax dollars.

Backing Tobia in this campaign stunt is a mistake, just like considering him for the SOE job would be.

I hope we don’t ruin Brevard elections by letting this devious plot succeed.

09.14.23- When Rookies Play

Little League is to learn the game. The Minor Leagues are to learn how to play the game PROFESSIONALLY.

I am convinced politics needs both Little League and Minor Leagues. Here’s why:

Wanna be journalist and political operative Robert Burns faced off with a D-33 supporter (appropriately named Karen) at her workplace.

The two have escalated their political differences with emotional social media exchanges and now a personal confrontation over politics at her job.

Neither is well versed in politics or appropriate communication thereabout. Neither has bothered to learn from anyone experienced in the game to see how it’s done.

Burns has been arrested for the job site confrontation.

This is what happens when you let rookies play unsupervised.

Please, learn something before you act like you know what you’re doing!

09.15.23- He’s Gone…but…

It took a while, and a good bit of controversy, but West Melbourne mayor Hal Rose is out. Well, he’s about to be.

Rose will end his term as mayor on October 4th. It should have happened between May and July when he sold his home in Ustaville and bought in Viera. An elected official should reside in the area he represents.

Hal tried to hang onto the job by renting a room in the city limits, but that scam was sniffed out and eventually the tea leaves were poured on Rose’s head so he could read them.

This situation is a symptom of a bigger problem. In far too many cases ethics and integrity are missing from our elected officials. That’s our fault.

If voters are not more discerning and demanding of those who represent us, we get exactly what we deserve.

Our officials, and we, need to do better. It begins with us.

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