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Mick's Morning News- Thursday

DeSantis To Meet Top Donors In Miami

(Miami, FL)-- Today marks Ron DeSantis' first full day as a White House candidate, and he'll spend part of it in Miami. The Republican governor formally entered the 2024 presidential race yesterday.Today, he'll meet with top campaign donors in Brickell at The Four Seasons Hotel. Local 10 News reports police are preparing for protesters.

Biden: 'This Link Works' Amid DeSantis Launch Issues

(Washington, DC)-- President Biden is seemingly poking fun at the presidential campaign launch of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis after its Twitter issues. In a tweet Wednesday, Biden captioned a post linking to a donation page for his campaign, "This link works." Twitter Spaces experienced glitches and sound problems during the first portion of the livestream before DeSantis announced his White House bid. The tech issues were eventually corrected and his conversation with Twitter CEO Elon Musk began. At one point, the livestream had over 700-thousand listeners.

Bond Denied For Volusia County Teacher Facing Sex Crime Charges

(DeLand, FL)-- A former Volusia County teacher won't be getting out of jail anytime soon. A judge yesterday revoked bond for Ormond Beach's Arin Hankerd. The 43-year-old is accused of inappropriate sexual conduct with two underage female students at Atlantic High School and Mainland High School.Hankered was released on bond three months ago, but he was arrested again on Tuesday when the second student came forward. The students were 15 and 17 at the time of the alleged incidents. Hankerd will remain behind bars at the Volusia County Branch Jail.  

SpaceX Launch Pushed Back To Friday

(Cape Canaveral, FL)-- SpaceX is dealing with another launch delay. The company announced that last night's launch will take place tomorrow instead. SpaceX says the delay will allow more time for pre-launch checkouts and for weather conditions to improve. If all goes according to plan, a Falcon 9 rocket will blast off from Cape Canaveral Space Force Station at 11:25 Friday night. The launch has a two-hour plus window. The rocket will carry communications satellites for ArabSat.

Judge Allows 'Burn After Reading' Letter To Be Used As Evidence In Petito Family Lawsuit

(Sarasota, FL)-- A letter Brian Laundrie's mom wrote to him can be used as evidence by Gabby Petito's family. A Sarasota County judge yesterday decided to allow Gabby's family to use Roberta Laundrie's letter in their civil case against her and her husband. The letter was in an envelope marked 'burn after reading.'At one point in the letter, Roberta writes to her 23-year-old son, 'if you need to dispose of a body, I will show up with a shovel and garbage bags.' Roberta claims she wrote the letter before Brian and Gabby left on the cross-country trip in which 22-year-old Gabby was killed, and the body bag reference was just an unfortunate coincidence. Gabby's parents are suing the Laundrie's for intentional infliction of emotional distress. Joe Petito and his wife allege the Laundrie's knew their son killed Gabby over a year ago but did nothing in response. 

Playstation Video Game Helps Solve Murder

(Flint, MI)-- A PlayStation basketball game recording helped Michigan police arrest a man who allegedly killed a father during a robbery nearly four years ago. The man was playing a live game when he was gunned down in his Flint home. The recording was turned over to investigators by an anonymous person he was playing against. The suspect was caught on mic threatening then killing the victim and shooting his girlfriend -- who used her body to protect a child. The suspect is being held without bail.

School Removes Nazi Symbolism From Performance Of "The Sound of Music"

(Fullerton, CA)-- A California school is removing all Nazi symbolism from its performance of "The Sound of Music." The Academy Award-winning musical is based on the Von Trapp family who lived in Austria during the rise of Nazi Germany. The principal of Rolling Hills Elementary School in Fullerton, north of Anaheim, decided to remove scenes that included the Nazi storyline, including props with Swastikas and students saying "Heil Hitler." Some parents say the play is historically accurate and should not be altered. Others say the content is too serious for 11 to 12-year-old children.


2021, the CDC announced that half of all U.S. adults had been fully vaccinated, and more than 60-percent had taken their first shot.

2020, a video of George Floyd's arrest and murder went viral online causing public outrage and weeks of protests.

2016, the State Department said Hillary Clinton did not comply with the agency's policies on e-mails and records, by using a private e-mail server. A department inspector general report also blasted the Democratic presidential front runner and her top aides for not cooperating with the review of her e-mails.

1977, "Star Wars" opened in theaters across the U.S.

1961, President Kennedy called on Americans to help work toward putting a man on the moon by the end of the decade. 

1927, the Ford Motor Company discontinued the Model T. The car was replaced by the Model A.

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