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BML Thursday: DeSantis is In

Governor Ron DeSantis is officially in the running for the Republican presidential nomination. He filed with the FEC and then made a glitch-interrupted announcement on Twitter Spaces yesterday evening. DeSantis staked out several positions for focus in the campaign and President Trump, of course, has reacted. That battle will be on through the campaign.

We’ll open the day with TARGET facing a “Bud Light Situation,” which is modern day business speak for MARKETING DISASTER. Then we have a tale of the college professor, the coed and the term “biological women” that netted the student a zero for her work.

Will FORD’s decision to keep AM radio in all of its vehicles translate to other automakers doing the same? INSIDE RADIO takes a look.

Here in the Sunshine State, Governor DeSantis signed the new elections bill that settles the question of resign to run and the state board of education will be publishing a list of contested books in the state’s schools.

Let’s get to today’s conversation.

(I’ll be out tomorrow and for Monday’s Memorial Day holiday. Joe Pags will join you those mornings and I’ll talk to you Tuesday.)



TARGET holds emergency meeting- tries to avoid BUD LIGHT SITUATION



The prof, the coed & the term “biological women”

DeSantis makes it official

Twitter Spaces crashes DeSantis’ party

What’s the crash do to the campaign?

The Twitter glitch reaction

Trump reacts to the announcement

The Trump/DeSantis brawl ahead

AI & your dead relatives

AI and creepy robots

AI and crime fighting

Microsoft & harmful AI content

Does FORD change other mfgr’s minds?



DeSantis signs elections bill

State Board of Ed rule will publish list of contested books

FL- a blueprint for education success?

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