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In a testament to the power of radio, and more importantly its audience, Ford has taken up a better idea. The automaker has abandoned its plans to remove AM radio from its new vehicles- gas and electric. Had the industry and its listeners not responded as they did, this would not have happened. Will other automakers follow suit? I’d say it’s likely. Thanks for speaking out!

Brevard news includes Biblical graffiti in Titusville, Melbourne opposing a proposed upgrade to the former SEARS location, the county shifting lifeguard costs to the cities and a foiled jailbreak in Indian River County that sounds like it was scripted in Hollywood (if the writers were working).

Florida Senator Rick Scott has issued a travel advisory of his own and it’s worthy of state adoption. Ron DeSantis is about to announce his candidacy for the presidency and the battle between he and President Trump is about to go hot.And just in case you were wondering, Tucker Carlson will not be in the running.

Elsewhere, TARGET held an emergency meeting to make sure its stores aren’t’ going all BUD LIGHT. Yes, America’s favorite (or former favorite) light beer is now the poster child for bad decision making and is synonymous with MARKETING DISASTER.

We’ll begin our day IN A HANDBASKET where a conservative college professor (nearly as rare as unicorns) has been pulled from the classroom and the school won’t tell him why.

I’ve tossed in some AI stories about dead relatives, creepy robots and crime fighting, but today it’s all up to you.WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY lets you choose what we discuss…so, what’s it going to be?


Ohio law prof ousted from campus- apparently doesn’t play well with others



Ford- takes up a better idea (thanks to you)

Rick Scott hits one out of the park

TARGET holds emergency meeting- tries to avoid BUD LIGHT SITUATION

DeSantis announces presidential run tonight

The Trump/DeSantis brawl ahead

AI & your dead relatives

AI and creepy robots

AI and crime fighting

Tucker won’t run for President



Titusville’s Biblical graffiti

Melbourne opposes old Sears location upgrade

Brevard to shift lifeguard cost to cities

Indian River SO foils elaborate jail escape plan

FL- a blueprint for education success?

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