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BML Tuesday: Baseball, Hot Dogs, Apple Pie & Tampons?

I can remember when major sporting events were all about the sport. Baseball, football, basketball, hockey, you name it; the big events were all about the sport and celebrating it. Not anymore.Sporting events are now forums for political causes and, just like Bud Light, sports need to consider their purpose and audience before they become something much less. The Los Angeles Dodgers need to be at the front of the class.

On the same front, when high school students get biology better than those who are running their schools, you can expect the students to take action. In Oregon, they are. In Missouri, the culture embraced by educators has been highlighted in a school yearbook and parents are not happy. Gone are the days of sock hops, drive-in movies and the malt shop. Here come sex, drugs and rock and roll.

Politics has turned largely into bickering competitions. That’s not good for anyone. It’s time for a serious discussion about the issues in play at all levels of government.I still believe candidates who do that can be heard and be effective. But will the environment of today’s run for office allow for it?

While Dave Bowman is traveling the USA for the next few weeks, we are not left without his look at history. DAVE DOES HISTORY has gone virtual as Dave continues his look at the Constitutional Convention. Just click the link below.

Tuesday’s Virtual DDH


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Tuesday’s Virtual DDH

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