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BML Monday: Bud Light: Lessons in Losing

We are about to enter a very interesting season of decision making for voters. The opposition media spent significant time and column inches over the weekend taking shots at Governor Ron DeSantis ahead of his anticipated announcement of a run for the presidency. I had a dinner discussion last night about the upcoming Republican Primary and it has potential to be a good one, but there’s a caveat to that. Tim Scott is now in the running and the Durham Report could hold an unforeseen bonus for President Trump.

We also have a look at a self-defense situation that turned bad for the victim. Oh, it was the victim’s fault, but it drives home a lesson in firearms ownership and use.

I can see where the Bud Light saga could become tiring, but new lessons seem to keep coming from the marketing blunder. Number one- playing politics is not good for business and even allies turn against you. Number two- you have to pay attention to the lessons if you want to avoid the same fate.Number three- if you don’t acknowledge failings and change from them, the situation will not improve.

Bud Light and other corporations are IN A HANDBASKET on this Monday.


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Tim Scott’s in the running

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