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The Week That Was

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Here’s a recap of the week…

BML Monday: Dads- A Question for You

…correcting adult children

The cries of those of us concerned about ESG are apparently being heard. A couple of major credit card companies are backing off their decision to implement tracking of gun related purchases. We are also seeing apologists for the media narrative over January 6th. 

Governor DeSantis, in his pre-presidential run announcement period, is sounding like a candidate and is saying the right things while correcting the narrative over his actions on social issues. A bill filed in Tallahassee would pursue that agenda on DEI and tenure in state colleges.

Has college out priced its value? For some the answer is a solid yes.

IN A HANDBASKET we’ll open our day with a question for dads. Moms are invited as well. You have committed to help your daughter during college by paying for her car. Then, the daughter makes a decision that you see as a poor one and she will not relent. How does one correct adult child behavior? Dad says the car payment is now hers. Mom disagrees and dad goes to social media for advice. By the way, the poor decision is the daughter decided to start stripping to make more money. OK dads, what do you do?

BML Tuesday: Wings, UFO’s & Julius Caesar


You have to love it when a company acknowledges an alleged affront to its customers. I’m not a Buffalo Wild Wings fan, but they may be winning me over. Sarcasm will do that for me.

A Navy pilot says UFO’s are a real thing and a danger to aviation. We have lots of fliers around here. What do you say?

Here in Brevard the school board is making policy changes and the courts have ruled the county commission can screw us on taxes whenever they wish.

In hour-three, Dave Bowman ties the founding of the country to Julius Caesar with DAVE DOES HISTORY. He’s calling it The Ideas of History.


…there is a difference

We’ve talked about AI a good bit, recently. Now, Google is releasing one that will communicate for you. It’s an interesting concept. Are we forging our own chains? We’ll take a look IN A HANDBASKET.

Former Palm Bay councilman Pete Filiberto has entered a plea agreement over his DUI and cocaine charges. He’ll see no jail time as probation is the call of the court.

Red State/Blue State- no, it’s not a Dr. Seuss book, its real life with real differences. Do you like guys in a dress? No, I don’t; they’re just a mess! While New York’s AG is hosting drag events, Florida’s after the liquor license of a hotel that hosted one.

Florida under Ron DeSantis likes to tout freedom. It's a great campaign slogan and may launch our governor to the presidency. But, could his battle with the press, which DeSantis seems to be winning, be what ultimately brings him down?

Those stories have me thinking this morning, but it’s WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY and what’s on tap today is up to you. Any story you like, any time we go to the phones is the plan.  So, what’s got your attention today?

BML Thursday: Make a Reasonable Argument

…careful of your excuses

An employee of the State of New York was fired for refusing LGBT training for his job. His claim was the training was violating his religious beliefs. His claim was solidly rejected by the court and it should have been. We’ll find making bad excuses IN A HANDBASKET this morning.

We have updates on a couple of stores we discussed earlier in the week. The Buffalo Wild Wings lawsuit has been dropped, but isn’t going away for good. The Axios reporter who called a Ron DeSantis press release propaganda has been fired for his lack of civility toward the governor. Speaking of media, is it possible the negative coverage of the governor is helping his potential bid for the presidency?

The inmates in the Trump camp are running the campaign asylum. They are spending time and energy trashing Ron DeSantis as opposed to touting the record of their candidate. That, too, could very well backfire.

The Florida Senate has no stomach for protecting our Second Amendment rights and the Senate President seems proud to take the stand.

Brevard Schools’ search for a Superintendent is expensive and won’t give us any better results than we have had in the past. If you keep fishing in the same fishing hole, you won’t land anything different.


…words, drag queens, the zoo and schools

Retaliation. It seems to be the MO of many people these days. Maybe it’s worst used in the hands of petty politicians like our D-33 Representative. The Brevard Zoo, as predicted here, is finding that out the hard way. Personalities will always be front and center in politics and scrutiny on them is essential. Character matters. Or, it doesn’t. With today’s electorate it’s hard to tell.

Governor DeSantis is clearly pursuing a family friendly image. It will bode well should he become a candidate for the presidency. But is he acting with partial information? Does it make him look eager and impatient? The Drag Queen Christmas incident raises the question.

An Orlando Sentinel story laments that state dollars in the form of school vouchers are going to religious schools. They are missing the main question. What is causing parents to shun public schools in favor of private ones, or what are public schools failing to learn?

The US Senate is considering codifying the second amendment. While it may sound good to 2A advocates the idea raises questions. Should a right be codified at all? What the government giveth it can also take away.

We’ll begin our day IN A HANDBASKET where WOKE often lives. Today, someone is trying to redefine the word to lay meaning to your use of it. Following that, apparently WOKE is not as easy to stop as it would seem.

Representative Tyler Sirois was scheduled with us at 8am, but he has a committee meeting starting then. They’ll be considering eliminating Enterprise Florida.

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