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Retaliation. It seems to be the MO of many people these days. Maybe it’s worst used in the hands of petty politicians like our D-33 Representative. The Brevard Zoo, as predicted here, is finding that out the hard way. Personalities will always be front and center in politics and scrutiny on them is essential. Character matters. Or, it doesn’t. With today’s electorate it’s hard to tell.

Governor DeSantis is clearly pursuing a family friendly image. It will bode well should he become a candidate for the presidency. But is he acting with partial information? Does it make him look eager and impatient? The Drag Queen Christmas incident raises the question.

An Orlando Sentinel story laments that state dollars in the form of school vouchers are going to religious schools. They are missing the main question. What is causing parents to shun public schools in favor of private ones, or what are public schools failing to learn?

The US Senate is considering codifying the second amendment. While it may sound good to 2A advocates the idea raises questions. Should a right be codified at all? What the government giveth it can also take away.

We’ll begin our day IN A HANDBASKET where WOKE often lives. Today, someone is trying to redefine the word to lay meaning to your use of it. Following that, apparently WOKE is not as easy to stop as it would seem.

Representative Tyler Sirois was scheduled with us at 8am, but he has a committee meeting starting then. They’ll be considering eliminating Enterprise Florida.


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