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BML Thursday: Make a Reasonable Argument

An employee of the State of New York was fired for refusing LGBT training for his job.  His claim was the training was violating his religious beliefs. His claim was solidly rejected by the court and it should have been. We’ll find making bad excuses IN A HANDBASKET this morning.

We have updates on a couple of stores we discussed earlier in the week. The Buffalo Wild Wings lawsuit has been dropped, but isn’t going away for good. The Axios reporter who called a Ron DeSantis press release propaganda has been fired for his lack of civility toward the governor. Speaking of media, is it possible the negative coverage of the governor is helping his potential bid for the presidency?

The inmates in the Trump camp are running the campaign asylum. They are spending time and energy trashing Ron DeSantis as opposed to touting the record of their candidate. That, too, could very well backfire.

The Florida Senate has no stomach for protecting our Second Amendment rights and the Senate President seems proud to take the stand.

Brevard Schools’ search for a Superintendent is expensive and won’t give us any better results than we have had in the past. If you keep fishing in the same fishing hole, you won’t land anything different.


FIRED for refusing LGBT training



BWW suit update- tossed out, but not over

Axios fires reporter over “DeSantis propaganda”

Negative coverage helping DeSantis?

Inmates running the campaign asylum

FL Senate- no stomach for 2A, your rights

BPS search for Super expensive & time consuming



Go to lunch; skip out on your trial

Brightline to test at 110mph in Brevard

Socialist housing or something else?

Ocala and the US Supremes- not the end of the world

Translete arguments



Stanford ripped for apology to harassed judge

Kansas moves on school choice

Possible Presidents and Ukraine questions

They do it, then they lie about it

Congress passes COVID declassification bill

Face blindness from Long COVID?

Release the Hounds=Deploy New Variant?

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