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We’ve talked about AI a good bit, recently. Now, Google is releasing one that will communicate for you. It’s an interesting concept. Are we forging our own chains? We’ll take a look IN A HANDBASKET.

Former Palm Bay councilman Pete Filberto has entered a plea agreement over his DUI and cocaine charges. He’ll see no jail time as probation is the call of the court.

Red State/Blue State- no, it’s not a Dr. Seuss book, its real life with real differences. Do you like guys in a dress? No, I don’t; they’re just a mess! While New York’s AG is hosting drag events, Florida’s after the liquor license of a hotel that hosted one.

Florida under Ron DeSantis likes to tout freedom. It's a great campaign slogan and may launch our governor to the presidency. But, could his battle with the press, which DeSantis seems to be winning, be what ultimately brings him down?

Those stories have me thinking this morning, but it’s WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY and what’s on tap today is up to you. Any story you like, any time we go to the phones is the plan. So, what’s got your attention today?


Google AI to write it for you



Filberto pleads to cocaine and DUI charges, gets probation

NY AG hosts Drag Story Hour for kids

FL moves on hotel liquor license after drag performance for kids

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FL defamation bill and free speech

DeSantis v Journalists

Negative coverage helping DeSantis?



Volusia Sheriff threatened, suspect charged

Socialist housing or something else?

Ocala and the US Supremes- not the end of the world

Translete arguments

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