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BML Tuesday: Forced Activism

A story of an NHL player refusing to participate in his team’s LGBT event brings a new favorite term to our attention IN A HANDBASKET this morning. FORCED ACTIVISM, as opposed that genuinely expressed by an individual is something that needs to stop.

There are even laws in play and those being considered that are basically a reaction to forced activism. We have them in Florida and they are considering one in Oklahoma.

Atlanta’s been burning. The Pacific Northwest’s “peaceful protests” have landed in the South. The South ain’t gonna put up with that nonsense.

President Biden is apparently generous in his sharing and storage of classified documents. Even more are being found around the careless caretaker’s home.

Alec Baldwin and the armorer of their film have been charged in the on-set death at Baldwin’s hand.

Income Taxes- not having them at the state level is an attraction for living in the Sunshine State. But Dave Bowman has another angle:

That said, I have always believed that the 16th Amendment was the really destructive amendment. NOT because it established an income tax. What most people do not understand is that an income tax was always on the table. What the 16th Amendment did was remove the most effective deterrent to the income tax.... apportionment... and with the tearing down of that barrier, the door was opened for the Federal Government to subsume the States with, you guessed it, money...

We’ll explore it at length in our 8am hour with DAVE DOES HISTORY.


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