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The Week That Was

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Here’s a recap of the week…

BML Tuesday: Who Rules the Work World?

…Introducing Johnus Disgustus

There’s no doubt hockey is a tough, demanding sport.It may, however, not be as determined as you might think. The NHL has an employment event scheduled for Florida in February. In its efforts to be inclusive, it was excluding some categories of potential employees. The State of Florida calls that discrimination and the NHL caved before landing in the penalty box. 

Just who’s in charge in the workplace? Any rational person would think it is the employer and his designated management team. Why don’t today’s workers get the concept? Has COVID brought a sense of entitlement to employees? It would seem so as employees are resisting or even ignoring calls to return to the workplace.

The Brevard Legislative Delegation Meeting is usually a dog and pony show where government representatives and others present their wish list for state funding and more to our elected officials. It’s usually not especially noteworthy as it’s just more of the same hands out for tax dollars for prospective projects or organizations. This year’s had a bit of an exception. Someone who should have known better, as he’s sat on one side of the dais or the other for nearly sixteen years, embarrassed himself and the rest of us with his mocking performance. While the meeting may normally be a ho-hum event, this elected official showed his lack of respect for the process, himself and the rest of us with the stunt he pulled.

Dave Bowman joins us at 8am with the latest edition of DAVE DOES HISTORY. In focus today is Ben Franklin. As Dave puts it…Before the middle of the 19th century, the most famous American in the world was Benjamin Franklin. He was - as most people know - a scientist, an inventor, a printer, a writer, a socialite, a diplomat, a fashion icon and a humorist.

Today we celebrate his birthday with some of the things that you might not know about the man who some call "the First American..."


…our “anything you like” day of the week

One day each week on BML you have the opportunity to raise any topic, any question that’s on your mind. Today is that day. It can be news, sports, politics, social issues…anything that’s on your mind.What has your attention on this WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY?

In focus for me on this day: how does a police department ban the thin blue line flag and why? FL had a surprise ruling on the STOP WOKE law by a federal judge who is no friend of the DeSantis administration. Florida Today’s parent company is anti-integration when it comes to people from other cultures coming to the USA. The evidence is in their writing. Robert Jordan, a former School Board and Titusville City Council member is running for County Commission D-1. The run is not a surprise, but his party affiliation is. That will be fun to explore with the candidate during election season. Plan Beach County is considering arming school staff. The state’s new testing system for students has early results showing it may be beneficial for kids.

But, today is up to you. Just what is it that’s on your mind?

BML Thursday: News, CRT & a Free Press

…Florida Today’s John Torres

Our Thursday discussion begins with CNN. While they have promised a retooling of their news organization, and several high profile anchors are gone, is a comedian the answer to their ratings woes?

Representative Matt Gaetz is making news. He’s grabbing a popular idea with Second Amendment advocates and running with it. He’s filed a bill to do away with the ATF. 

Florida college presidents are conditionally promising to not teach CRT, but the numbers are coming in on what they spend on such initiatives. There appears to be an inconsistency.

Joe Manchin’s recent comments on a free press have drawn ire. The West Virginia Senator is now walking back his words.

Florida Today’s John Torres is scheduled with us at 8am. It’s been a while since we have caught up and there is plenty of catching up to do.

BML Friday: WOKE, Wisdom & Wanting

…look who’s running now

WOKE ideology isn’t just stupid; it’s dangerous to our way of life. Don’t take my word for it; the founder of one of America’s most successful home improvement stores gives us his take on the next generation of business leaders who just don’t get what business is about. That’s IN A HANDBASKET this morning.

Satire takes some thinking. That’s because there is wisdom in what’s being said. One satirist also tackles the issue of WOKE ideology. He has some excellent advice.

The Florida Supreme Court has handed 2nd Amendment advocates a win over local governments who would further restrict firearms if they were given the chance. The US Supreme Court can’t yet pin down just who leaked the Dobbs decision. We have a win for Christian schools in a lower federal court.

Then we have the scramble for elected office. Johnus Disgustus recently filed for Supervisor of Elections. Yesterday our current Supervisor, Tim Bobanic, put competence and experience in the race by filing to keep the position he currently holds. The D-33 Rep wants to be a Senator as he has filed for the seat currently held by Debbie Mayfield. He’s the first entrant, but Represent Tyler Sirois has also considered running for this seat. I hope he does. That would set up a Republican primary that would pit honesty and competence against what D-33 has brought us for far too many years.

Alec Baldwin has been charged with involuntary manslaughter in the RUST movie shooting death of a film staffer. The movie’s armorer is facing the same charge.

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