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Each day Bill records a MICKnugget, a one-minute take on some issue that got his attention that morning. Below are the scripts for last week’s NUGGETS. 

CLICK HERE if you’d like to hear them. Here are the scripts:

01.17.23- Johnus Disgustus


Around here we take our politics seriously…unless you’re county commissioner John Tobia.


Tobia, a former state representative and long-term county commissioner was the commission’s designee to present Brevard’s wish list to the legislative delegation.


Tobia showed up in a Roman toga and represented the commission as Emperor Theodosius I. He included Italian food puns in the presentation.


Tobia disrespected himself, the commission, the legislative delegation, and he embarrassed us all.


He’s been on both sides of this event and his lack of decorum was indicative of his attitude toward public service and it stinks.


From henceforth he shall be known as Johnus Disgustus, the emperor who has distain for his job and his public.


And he wants to be Brevard’s SOE. That job requires leadership. 


Johnus Disgustus has shown anything but that.

01.18.23- Evil Saints


A WOW caller was bent on bringing up the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s flaws, implying that his good deeds were negated by his sins.


Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. I know of no one qualified to pick up a rock. MLK wasn’t. Donald Trump and Bill Clinton weren’t. Billy Graham wasn’t. Nobody is.


We don’t elect pastors, priests and rabbis, we elect men and they all have skeletons in their closets. So do we!


There was also a backhanded shot at law enforcement, particularly the FBI, during the call. It was a deceptive attempt to elicit my condemnation of the agency. Nice try.


I have news for you- even those who enforce and adjudicate our laws have their flaws, too. They are imperfect.


Here’s my take: look at the real, raw people in play. Understand they will have good and bad. Credit one, condemn the other.


Then get off of the self-righteous high horse and realize we are all human.


01.19.23- Time for Some Levity?


CNN, a brand in search of a new, more reputable identity, is considering a bold move: laughter.


While trying to rebrand as a more moderate, straight news organization, the Cable News Network is struggling to regain audience and credibility.


Things like this take time and the audience needs a reason to try the remodeled product. For that to happen the audience needs to be drawn to your platform.


A comedian could be just the thing to do that. Face it, Bill Maher, one of the comedians in consideration for CNN, has found success with a mix of humor and news discussion on his HBO show.


It could be the respite the news junkie needs as a breather from the repetitive droning on and on over the same stories in the endless news cycle. 


I haven’t watched tv news in years. The promise of a laugh or two could be the trick that brings me back.

01.20.23- 2024 already?


Welcome to 2024. Anxious candidates have forced the political season upon us already. And we’re only a month into 2023.


The filing deadline will be in June of 2024. Apparently, there is no starting line, and if there is, it’s been jumped.


Donald Trump announced for the presidency before the 2022 election came to a close. Not far behind was Johnus Disgustus announcing his run for Brevard Supervisor of Elections. That was followed by the D-33 Rep announcing his run for the Florida Senate.


Ambition abounds. I’m more worried about qualifications. Trump is certainly qualified; he’s done the job. Johnus Disgustus has never let being qualified for the job stop him before and it’s not now. As for the D-33 Rep, his brand of politics and poor decision making has run good people out of the political game.


It rests with those of us who vote to do so wisely. I sure hope we do because with this jump on the season, we’ll be tired of it by Election Day.


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