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BML Friday: WOKE, Wisdom & Wanting

WOKE ideology isn’t just stupid; it’s dangerous to our way of life. Don’t take my word for it; the founder of one of America’s most successful home improvement stores gives us his take on the next generation of business leaders who just don’t get what business is about. That’s IN A HANDBASKET this morning.

Satire takes some thinking. That’s because there is wisdom in what’s being said. One satirist also tackles the issue of WOKE ideology. He has some excellent advice.

The Florida Supreme Court has handed 2nd Amendment advocates a win over local governments who would further restrict firearms if they were given the chance. The US Supreme Court can’t yet pin down just who leaked the Dobbs decision. We have a win for Christian schools in a lower federal court.

Then we have the scramble for elected office. Johnus Disgustus recently filed for Supervisor of Elections. Yesterday our current Supervisor, Tim Bobanic, put competence and experience in the race by filing to keep the position he currently holds. The D-33 Rep wants to be a Senator as he has filed for the seat currently held by Debbie Mayfield. He’s the first entrant, but Represent Tyler Sirois has also considered running for this seat. I hope he does. That would set up a Republican primary that would pit honesty and competence against what D-33 has brought us for far too many years.

Alec Baldwin has been charged with involuntary manslaughter in the RUST movie shooting death of a film staffer. The movie’s armorer is facing the same charge.


The WOKE business mistake



Wisdom in satire- stand up to WOKE

FL Supremes reject local challenge to state gun laws

US Supremes- no proof who leaked Dobbs

Christian schools upheld on LGBT stance

D-33 wants to be a Senator

Robert Jordan in for Commission D-1 race

Alec Baldwin & armorer charged in RUST death

CNN, the president & his son

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