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The Week That Was

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Here’s a recap of the week…

BML Monday: WV, Boston & Florida

…Shopping FAIL!

My Mountaineers beat Dave Bowman’s Oklahoma Sooners with a field goal as time ran out on Saturday. It was in show prep over the weekend that I would have to question what’s going on at WVU. It’s IN A HANDBASKET this morning.

The City of Boston is trying to run corporate business. Never mind they can’t run a city particularly well; running a pharmacy is clearly beyond their abilities.

It took no time until the 2024 presidential election began overshadowing the 2022 midterms. Thanks, President Trump. We barely had time to acknowledge the huge red wave that overtook Florida when the fireworks began. And Trumps announcement tomorrow looms over the week.

I like commentators who can acknowledge reality, especially when it conflicts with their own viewpoints. Bill Maher is strikingly on target with Ron DeSantis. We also have a good look at Florida in the midterms from the News Service of Florida.

There are lessons to learn and plans to make. I wonder if we’ll be smart about it.

I’ll be taking off for the holiday later this week. The Holiday Season means a familiar sight at retailers across the community. Salvation Army Captain Miguel Ramos joins us as we close our Monday looking ahead to Thanksgiving and beyond.

BML Tuesday: Gender, Education & Political Fatigue


Gender, Education, Politics and Monkeypox (?) are in the topic pool today. Discussions around each have been contentious and that’s not likely to change. Each raises questions, the answers to which seem pretty self-evident. Yet, we are told not to believe our lying eyes. We'll dig into them as time allows before DAVE DOES HISTORY in our final hour.

Dave Bowman, himself a Navy vet, takes us to the waters of the South Pacific in World War II and key events from this day in our history.


...Trump’s in for 2024

It’s your day to bring whatever you like to BML. Call 321-768-1240 and your thoughts lead the conversation. It’s our last day to chat before the Thanksgiving holiday, so get talking quickly!

For my part, Georgia Democrats want their election law ignored in the Senate runoff election. President Trump has announced he’s running again in 2024. Governor DeSantis has responded to the former president’s bashing of him as 2024 looms. Vice President Mike Pence says there are better candidates than President Trump.

IN A HANDBASKET we have a win for women in America’s gender wars!

Let’s get to the day and see what’s on your mind.

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