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Each day Bill records a MICKnugget, a one-minute take on some issue that got his attention that morning. Below are the scripts for last week’s NUGGETS. 

CLICK HERE if you’d like to hear them. Here are the scripts:

11.14.22- How to Christmas Shop?


Over the weekend I found a one-stop place for my Christmas gift shopping. At least, I thought I did.


FANATICS emailed me an online shopping offer that I had to look into. Up to 65% off SITE WIDE! 


It was one place to find the perfect gifts for everyone on my list. So, shop I did.


I made my selections, lots of selections, and proceeded to checkout. I typed in the promo code only to be advised that none of my selections were eligible for the discount. None of them!


Not 65, not 50, not 25 or even 10%. Nada. Needless to say I was disappointed.


I closed the link and the order was gone.


Not so fast, they emailed the link to my uncompleted order this morning. Now I have to ask myself if I order or not.


One stop shopping, or do I hit the road?


Thankfully, I have some time to think about it.

11.15.22- What Value- College?


If you have a high schooler, it’s time to evaluate the actual value of college. It’s a big question with a big investment on the line.


It’s your child’s future at stake.


Today we discussed Gettysburg College where the Gender, Sexuality and Resource Center advertised an event to disparage straight, white males. When word got out, the event was postponed. This is, sadly, typical of many colleges these days.


Then there is degree selection and the ability to make a living in their post-graduate years. Far too many programs are lacking in that regard leaving kids with massive debt and unsatisfying jobs.


Of course, there are career fields where college is beneficial, but college for college’s sake is no longer the answer it was.


Have the honest discussion about aptitude and ability. Evaluate the cost and the reward and make the best call.


Your child will appreciate it.

11.16.22- 2024 Election Season- Now! 


Like it or not, the 2022 midterm is not yet official and it’s already Election Season.2024.


President Trump has announced his candidacy to retake his former job. He would be the first to do that after losing reelection since Grover Cleveland.


There could be several reasons for this anticipated, but early announcement. It could keep others from entering the race. It could lock out fundraising for candidates that donors would not see as strong enough to defeat Donald Trump and it could get the buzz going in Republican circles.


Trump’s tone was different in the announcement. He stayed away from attacks and focused on problems and solutions.


If he stays on that path, it could play very well for him.


Should he go back into attack mode, the opposite could be the result.


Either way, welcome to the contest!

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