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Each day Bill records a MICKnugget, a one-minute take on some issue that got his attention that morning. Below are the scripts for last week’s NUGGETS. 

CLICK HERE if you’d like to hear them. Here are the scripts:

11.07.22- Election Noise


Tuesday’s Election Day and the noise is loud. The left is screaming that we’re about to lose the country. The right’s claim is we are taking the country back.


Neither is accurate. We won’t lose the country if the Democrats lose. We won’t make dramatic changes if the Republicans win.


The wheels of political change turn slowly. Without a 60-40 majority in the US Senate, little can change. With a Democratic President who has a veto pen, even good legislation stands little chance.


The fears of the left are unfounded. The promises of the right are at best a hope for 2024.


The woke agenda, the attack on energy and the economy will sway the election. We vote to protect or improve the American standard of living.


And we’ll do that tomorrow, but don’t expect major changes to come about because of it.

11.08.22- Powerball Glitch


Ugh-oh. On the eve of Election Day, Powerball had a glitch! 


One state was having trouble handling its sales and play data and that threw the entire system into turmoil.


Lottery rules require all states have their information in before the drawing can be held. The drawing was scheduled Monday night and on Tuesday morning it was still on hold.


The idea is that all players have a chance, small as it may be, to win. If your state’s data is not in, you are not in the running.


It was wise to delay the drawing, but it raises questions. The jackpot was around $1.9b. The cash option would be over $929m.


That kind of dough is worth the wait. I can imagine there will be controversy and at least a made for TV movie.


Me, I didn’t have a ticket, but I think I’ll call Mike Lindell anyway…just in case.

11.09.22- Deep Red Florida?


While nationally there may not be the Red Wave that was expected, there is no doubt about Florida. The Sunshine State is DEEP RED.


Ron DeSantis and Marco Rubio trounced their Democratic opponents sending a very clear message to the left: 


Florida has had enough.


Our legislature will have a huge Republican majority, the entire cabinet is now Republican and so is our congressional delegation.


My concern is that, while Brevard and the state overall votes the top of the ticket solidly Red, we are not voting conservatively down the ballot. That’s especially true on amendments and other ballot measures.


Engaged, informed voting is essential when those items are in play. We simply aren’t doing that.


We must do better at educating our friends and ourselves.

11.11.22- The Crimson Hellscape


The Crimson Hellscape- that’s what the South Florida Sun Sentinel called Florida after the Red Wave in Tuesday’s midterm election. 


We’ve long held no doubt about the mainstream media’s bias against conservatives. South Florida’s most popular newspaper just had to prove it.


As the paper reeled from the huge DeSantis win in all but one South Florida county, they couldn’t help but take shots at the governor and the rest of us.


The Sun Sentinel fears constitutional carry, tighter restrictions on abortion, secure elections and the governor’s power with the state legislature.


Republicans gained influence across the state and in Tallahassee, but unlike the Sun Sentinel, I’ll wait and see if that translates into actual conservative action.


For now, I’ll take the win. As one State Board of Education member put it: Crimson Hellscape. That‘s a strange way to spell freedom!

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