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BML Thursday: Culture- Stop Cancelling & Have Some

Tuesday during DAVE DOES HISTORY, Dave Bowman asked if news of today is history. I would ask the same of our entertainment and social commentary. Certainly all give us a glimpse, jaded as it may be, at our society as it exists today. While I have not picked up a comic book or newspaper comics section in years, I do keep up with some comic strips on social media. I enjoy the humor and the sometimes biting commentary. Apparently the outrage mob and some media entities don’t share the joy. That has the DILBERT comic strip a victim of cancel culture and IN A HANDBASKET as we begin our day.

If you’ve never heard of the US Preventive Services Task Force, don’t worry, neither had I. That changed in show prep last night. The story caught my attention because these volunteer “experts” want everybody under 65 to have mental health screenings. Other than the obvious question as to why they are writing off anyone over 65, I got to thinking just what kind of cancelling could that idea lead us to?

Another group of scientists is defending cancel culture as natural consequences of falling afoul of societal standards and a recalibrating of our culture. It becomes a battle of the WOKE versus us “dangerous” folks.

There are those, other than those of us in talk radio, who are fighting the trend and trying to stop the WOKE in corporate America. Sadly the initiative is headed the other way in our military. The Air Force says that somehow going gender neutral improves the lethality of their fighting and the Air Force Academy is busy killing the idea of “Mom and Dad.”

Fighting for our culture is on tap on this Thursday edition of BML.


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