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Mick's Morning News- Wednesday

DeSantis Proposes More Florida Tax Relief

(Bradenton, FL)-- Governor Ron DeSantis is proposing more tax relief for Florida families. While in Bradenton yesterday, he detailed a plan that will go before lawmakers to provide more than one-billion dollars in permanent and one-year tax exemptions for certain household items. This would include short-term tax holidays and an everlasting exemption for newborn and toddler necessities. The proposed breaks must be approved by the state legislature before it can take effect.

DeSantis Suspends Miami-Dade Commissioner

(Miami, FL) -- A Miami-Dade Commissioner is off the job amid felony allegations. Governor Ron DeSantis issued the suspension of Commissioner Joe Martinez three weeks after he turned himself in to authorities in connection to corruption charges. Investigators say the county official received money from a business owner in exchange for crafting legislation that would benefit the company back in 2016.Martinez has denied any wrongdoing. DeSantis is expected to appoint his replacement in the coming weeks.

Jacksonville Woman Gets Life For Killing Daughter

(Jacksonville, FL)-- A Jacksonville woman will spend the rest of her life in prison for killing her daughter. Thirty-year-old Brianna Williams was sentenced yesterday after pleading guilty to second-degree murder in the death of five-year-old Taylor Rose Williams in 2019.Williams was a Navy Petty Officer First Class at NAS Jax, but the judge determined she was still a danger to the community. 

Jacksonville Naval Commander Charges With Sex Crimes

(Jacksonville, FL)-- A Naval commander from Jacksonville is awaiting his trial over child sex crime allegations. Gregory McLean was arrested yesterday after police caught him with disturbing videos of sexual assault involving a child on cellphones and a USB drive. Prosecutors say he could face up to 20 years in prison for each of the two charges. He is currently in custody pending his trial.

Melbourne Mayor Responds To Criticism Of Pride Event

(Melbourne, FL)-- Melbourne’s Mayor is responding to what he calls misinformation that was intentionally used to inflame the community. Paul Alfrey was referring to comments made by State Rep. Randy Fine about this weekend's Space Coast Pride event. Fine has objected to one of the events called 'drag queen story time,' and he says this sort of sexualization is not right for our community.Mayor Alfrey, though, wrote on Facebook that Fine's objection to the event is based on information from a website that has no connection to Space Coast Pride. He adds that as mayor he stands firm on the freedoms guaranteed to all citizens by the constitution of the United States.  

FDA Warns Not To Try TikTok NyQuil Chicken Recipe

(Washington, DC)-- The FDA is warning TikTok users not to try a recipe that has gone viral. The feds say NyQuil-marinated chicken, or "Sleepy chicken" as it's called, is dangerous and potentially deadly. The FDA says cooking the medicine makes it more powerful and can change its properties. They add that inhaling the vapors during the cooking process can cause lung damage. In addition, the TikTok recipe calls for an amount of NyQuil that's much larger than the recommended adult dose.

Man Receives Surprising Substitution On Amazon Order

(Denver, CO)-- A Colorado man received quite the surprising substitution when he ordered some screen mesh from Amazon. Don Thompson just wanted to repair his damaged screen door, but ended up with a .20 gauge shotgun instead. The 78-year-old reached out to police whose preliminary investigation revealed the gun was stolen. Amazon doesn't sell firearms, but the tracking number Thompson received for his initial order did match the one on the box containing the shotgun. Amazon said it was also investigating the incident and credited Thompson for both the cost of the mesh and an additional 250-dollars for his troubles.


2003, Galileo space mission ends when the probe is crushed in Jupiter's atmosphere.

1993, Steven Bochco's crime drama "NYPD Blue" first aired on ABC.

1970, "Monday Night Football" debuted on ABC. Howard Cosell, Don Meredith and Keith Jackson made up the show's first broadcast team.

1954, the U.S. submarine, the "Nautilus," was commissioned. It became the first nuclear submarine.

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