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INSIDER COLUMN: A Little Texas, Florida and Brevard

Border Blame


One Texas mayor has it right. There is plenty of blame to go around for America’s immigration issues.


The finger pointing heated up after Governor Ron DeSantis shipped two planes full of illegals to Martha’s Vineyard. That‘s something the federal government has done with even more planes to Florida and other locations.


Yes, it is political stunting, but it has returned the immigration issue to the national spotlight.


As for that Texas mayor, he nailed it when he said that both Democrats and Republicans have batted the issue back and forth with neither side offering or implementing real solutions.


I hope this latest stunt is a step in that direction. It starts with securing the border and then enforcing immigration law.


Then, tweaking the law to fit the needs of the United States would be wise.


Unless those things are done the rhetoric and stunting are a waste of time and the political theater is meaningless.


Texas Sheriff Investigates


The Sanctuary Skies are under investigation by a Texas sheriff. 


Bexar County’s Javier Salazar, a Democrat, is looking into the Florida-funded flights to Martha’s Vineyard with an eye toward prosecuting any crime discovered.


Interesting that he’s ignoring the initial crime involved- entering the country illegally by the immigrants. He went as far as to say since they are here now, they have legal status…which can’t be the case.


No, he wants to engage, indirectly, the political position of Governor Ron DeSantis. 


Politics in this story? Say it ain’t so!


It’s ALL politics!


The sheriff’s investigation will fizzle. DeSantis will bask in the glow of this stunt and maybe, just maybe, the fire of change is lit on the immigration issue.


History will tell the tale.

Brevard Public Schools Slow Walks Book Reviews


The education establishment claimed for years it wanted parental involvement in our schools. After the pandemic they got it and they’re not happy.


Once parents became aware of what’s happening in our schools they got engaged and the educators circled the wagons.


In trying to eliminate what we call Brevard Schools Library Porn, M4L challenged 39 books in school libraries.


The district responded by saying it will take up to a year to evaluate each book. Sure, we can wait four decades before caring for our kids!


This must be addressed by the board. How long do these same folks give kids to do a book report?


This slow walk of the review is nothing but defiance to parental authority or any authority other than education’s own.


They want parental compliance, not involvement. What they are building is parental revolt and it’s well deserved!


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