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The education system is fighting back against the push for parental rights. Earlier in the week we talked about Virginia issuing new rules for pronoun and restroom use in the state’s schools. At least one district is defying the directive. And here in Brevard, the school district is slow rolling its review of questionable material in its libraries. Education verses your family is IN A HANDBASKET this morning.

Brevard County’s next Supervisor of Elections has been named and the governor wisely took the advice of retiring SOE Lori Scott in appointing the office’s IT Director Tim Bobanic to the job. We have appreciated Lori’s dedication to serving Brevard’s voters and her direction and understanding of those operations has her staff ready to continue with one of its own at the helm. Tim's appointment will ensure continuity as the office moves forward toward the November General Election.

The governor has proposed massive tax breaks for 2023 and the media is melting down about it. Florida has a large budget surplus and tax breaks seem only reasonable in that circumstance. Why is it election gamesmanship for Republicans to support tax breaks and not the same when the president decides repaying loans is not necessary for college loans?

Local media is also wondering about the County Commission’s role in TDC oversight. It how the system was set up and the Tourism Development Council is an advisory board, not a decision making entity. We want our elected officials making these calls because they, unlike an unelected board, can be held accountable if the electorate will engage.

For my part it’s Education, Elections and Economy today, but it’s WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY and you can bring us any topic you like when we go to the phones on BML.


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