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The Week That Was

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Here’s a recap of the week…


It was a busy and violent weekend across America. Buffalo, NY, Texas and California had shootings. There were protests all over in anticipation of the Supreme Court’s Roe v Wade decision. Those folks promise a “summer of rage.” 

In Tallahassee, the governor has appointed a lawmaker to be the next Secretary of State. Lawmakers are under scrutiny for the use of “dark money” and one court has ordered those donors to be revealed.

Our day begins IN A HANDBASKET where Wisconsin school kids are being accused of sexual harassment for failing to buy into the gender nonsense our schools are pushing.We’ll follow that up with a commentary that suggests that GROOMER is exactly the right word for educators who do this.

Welcome to the conversation.


Florida’s Secretary of State is our top elections official. It’s important that this elections chief be an outstanding administrator with the ability to understand and follow Florida election law. When the state’s 67 Supervisors of Elections have questions they turn to the Secretary of State’s office. It’s not the place for a political actor, but a competent administrator who gives clear advice without concern for the politics, but for the law. I have to wonder if that is what we now have. Is the Secretary of State an administrator or an activist?

The politics of the country have been perverted by selfish politicians and the system has been subverted by their actions. One Florida Judge sees this and has issued an order that could start correcting the problem.

Dave Bowman joins us at 8am for DAVE DOES HISTORY. Today, Dave takes us to the 1868 impeachment of Andrew Johnson, Harry Reid’s big mistake and the Roe v Wade leak. What if some of these things happened differently…or not at all?

We’ll open our day IN A HANDBASKET where NETFLIX just may be waking to woke. It’s about time. 


We’ll have a format change to this morning’s show. SpaceX has a Falcon 9 launch scheduled for 6:20. We’ll jump right into Mick’s Morning News and then cover the launch. After the launch, we’ll begin the conversation with IN A HANDBASKET where the gender agenda is strong in our school systems and one state is standing up for female athletes.

The Charter Review Commission saw politics played at its best. The idea of recalling school board members is dead. Given what was at play, this is a good thing.Congress held its UFO hearing yesterday and what I’m seeing appears to be more of the same. Governor DeSantis is facing down critics of his leadership style.It seems the media doesn’t appreciate strong leadership.

But, today is largely your day. When we go to the phones, your topic drives our discussion on this WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY…so, what’s on your mind?

While the launch schedule changed after we were set for the day, all went well.


Bill on vacation…Pags covers the morning


Bill on vacation…Pags covers the morning

Bill will return May 27 with Representative Tyler Sirois.

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