The Week That Was


If COVID has done nothing else it’s shown us the stupidity of some people. It raises a question that we may be better off not asking, because the answer is nearly always yes. But, could we be more stupid? A Texas teacher shows us that it’s always possible!

You’ll remember the translete swimmer from Penn who’s been destroying the competition in the female events. He lands again IN A HANDBASKET this morning, but this time as a loser. Losing is not what landed him there; the story is far better than that!

Brevard’s kids are back to school after the holiday break. The headlines seem to portray shock that COVID numbers are up. They are calling it a spike, but is it really? I think not.

In Palm Bay another milestone in the city’s political corruption case has been reached. Another primary player has been sentenced. My concern is that others involved will skate or already have. It's doesn’t seem that two convictions could really clean up all of that mess.

Congress wants control of elections. One member says elections are too important to leave up to the states. What are we asking for if we allow this to happen? It's time to stop fighting past elections and work toward protecting the process.

One other thing- it’s Monday. Why am I working?


Some people are service minded. They feel a calling to serve their fellow man in any number of ways. They may be military, first responders, educators, clergy, medical personnel or in other professions where doing for others is just what they are about. Lawyers could fit in that category, some of them, anyway. But, one Canadian attorney is really taking one for the team.

Words are important. And while meanings can change over time, generally words and phrases develop for clarity in communication. The PC crowd finds meanings that aren’t there or intended and then try to change the language to something less clear or more cumbersome. It's being institutionalized at many universities across the country.IN A HANDBASKET takes us to UC-Irvine where the list is growing, even if it doesn’t make any sense.

The love of money is the root of all evil. Maybe there is no place it’s more subversive than in politics. Politicians and those who would manipulate them have mastered the art of corrupting with money. They are taking power away from the people and placing it in the hands of the few, the corrupt, the greedy. While Florida law limits individual contributions to candidates, political action committees can accept unlimited funds and distribute them as they wish to influence elections and power. There is a movement to change this and it’s worth a look.

Dave Bowman joins us at 8am.Tuesday will be his regular day with us and we’ll open each week with Dave Does History. Dave will share an aspect of history he’s found to be intriguing and relevant, often relating it to what’s going on in our world today. Part of today’s show will include 1876- from Dave’s Constitution Thursday section. You’re going to enjoy this.


What occupies your thoughts as 2022 gets started? Today's your day to lay them on us. WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY lets you bring any topic to the show when you call us at 321.768.1240.It’s the one day a week we give up on planning and continuity and let anything fly. What's on your mind?

A Lake County school is distancing itself from a parents group that is auctioning a firearm as a fundraiser for their project graduation. As you might expect, some parents are having a conniption. Their lack of understanding is a big part of the problem.

Could the Super Bowl be considering a move out of California? The league is concerned about severe restrictions in California preventing the event from being held. Dallas appears to be the likely backup location.

Are our kids, or somebody’s kids, acting out more than they used to? They seem to think so in Volusia County and schools are looking at changes in practices to reverse the trend. I'm thinking this needs to start at home. Time to quit sparing the rod and start whipping the child!

Those things are on my mind, but it’s up to you. What's it going to be?


COVID has been harassing us for a couple of years now. Maybe it time to take a moment and appreciate what we have- Governor DeSantis. Former NY Times columnist Bari Weiss begins our conversation with a look at life in other locations which should add some perspective to our view.

California gives us yet another example or two where one county is banning outdoor gatherings (you’ll not it’s not the one hosting the Super Bowl) and a school district commits what we’d call child abuse in a home setting.

Steve Harvey is a talented man.He’s at the top of his game, but has one aspect he won’t perform- standup comedy. It's a shame, because he’s hilarious. But, he has a point and we should listen up.

Florida Today’s John Torres is with us in our final hour today. He has some thoughts on the state budget in his latest column. We'll also take a look at reaction to my column which ran yesterday in Florida Today and at


The Supreme Court has stopped the large employer vaccine mandate from OSHA. Health Care workers didn’t fare as well; the mandate for facilities accepting federal funds will stand. Will companies now back off of the actions that were already being required across the country? One analyst says the “pandemic of the autocrat” is over, but is it? A CDC study shows why the omicron variant could be a good thing.

Still, there are those who will go to stupid extremes when it comes to so-called protective measures. A Seattle school district IN A HANDBASKET for that very reason.

We’ll open our day with an idea I believe most of us will like: keeping Republican candidates from debates hosted by the Commission on Presidential Debates. The shenanigans in recent campaign seasons by major media moderators have the integrity of the commission in question. As divided as we are politically, can anyone do this fairly?

The Florida Legislature is in session. The first week is behind them. The governor delivered his state of the state address to mostly high praise. We'll visit with Representative Tyler Sirois in our last hour today. What are the priorities, what legislation is moving and what’s not? We'll get the latest.

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