Supremes Stop Large Employer Mandate

The Supreme Court has stopped the large employer vaccine mandate from OSHA. Health Care workers didn’t fare as well; the mandate for facilities accepting federal funds will stand. Will companies now back off of the actions that were already being required across the country? One analyst says the “pandemic of the autocrat” is over, but is it? A CDC study shows why the omicron variant could be a good thing.

Still, there are those who will go to stupid extremes when it comes to so-called protective measures. A Seattle school district IN A HANDBASKET for that very reason.

We’ll open our day with an idea I believe most of us will like: keeping Republican candidates from debates hosted by the Commission on Presidential Debates. The shenanigans in recent campaign seasons by major media moderators have the integrity of the commission in question. As divided as we are politically, can anyone do this fairly?

The Florida Legislature is in session. The first week is behind them. The governor delivered his state of the state address to mostly high praise. We'll visit with Representative Tyler Sirois in our last hour today. What are the priorities, what legislation is moving and what’s not? We'll get the latest.


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