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Mick's Morning News- Thursday

Man Dies In Van Fire Outside Daytona Beach Police Department

(Daytona Beach, FL) - A Columbia County man is dead after he apparently set his van on fire in Volusia County. Daytona Beach Police say the man was in a van in their parking lot on Valor Boulevard yesterday morning when the fire started. The 55-year-old ran to the police department building while he was on fire, but he collapsed before he could make it to the door and died at the scene. The deputy police chief tells the News-Journal investigators believe the fire was self-initiated, but they're not sure if it was intentional.  

Judge Rejects Request For Restraining Order Against State Rep. Fine

(Titusville, FL) - A Brevard County battle between lawmakers has ended this round.School Board member Jennifer Jenkins asked a judge to issue a restraining order against State Rep. Randy Fine, but yesterday, the judge rejected her request. Jenkins claims Fine cyberstalked and harassed her on social media for months over her support for school mask mandates. The judge, though, sided with Fine's lawyers, who argued his posts were free speech. Jenkins tells Florida Today she's disappointed, and she and her lawyers will discuss their options. 

Utah Police Admit To 'Several' Mistakes In Petito Incident

(Moab, UT) - Police admit to making what they call 'several unintentional mistakes' in an incident involving North Port's Gabby Petito. Moab [[ MO-ab ]], Utah Police released an independent report yesterday on how officers handled a possible assault between Petito and her fiance, Brian Laundrie. According to the report, Petito was the aggressor and should have been arrested but, instead, officers separated the couple for the night. Petito was found dead about a month later in Wyoming, and police say there's no way of knowing if she'd be alive today if the case was handled differently. 

Officer Frees Trapped Dolphin

(Miami, FL) - Somewhere out there is a dolphin grateful for the help of a Miami-Dade Police officer. The police department Tweeted a video yesterday of Marine Patrol Officer Nelson Silva freeing a juvenile dolphin tangled in a fishing net. It happened last month in Biscayne Bay off Shorecrest. Silva used a knife to cut the dolphin loose, and it swam off. It doesn't appear the dolphin was hurt. 

Massive Asteroid Headed Our Way

(Undated) -- A skyscraper-sized asteroid is on track to make a relatively close pass by Earth next week, according to NASA. It will pass within one-point-two million miles of Earth at more than 43 thousand miles per hour. It should be close enough to observe this coming Tuesday with a small telescope.


2020, Houston Astros fires manager AJ Hinch and general manager Jeff Luhnow after a sign stealing scandal.

2018, an early-morning ballistic missile alert was revoked after 38 minutes because it was sent across Hawaii by mistake.

2016, the biggest Powerball jackpot ever in the U.S. topped one-point-five-billion dollars on this day. Three winning tickets were sold in California, Florida and Tennessee.

1994, FBI agents arrested Tonya Harding's bodyguard and another man in the attack on figure skater Nancy Kerrigan.

1942, Henry Ford patented the plastic-bodied automobile. It allowed for a 30 percent decrease in car weight.

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