Florida is Lucky to Have DeSantis

COVID has been harassing us for a couple of years now. Maybe it time to take a moment and appreciate what we have- Governor DeSantis. Former NY Times columnist Bari Weiss begins our conversation with a look at life in other locations which should add some perspective to our view.

California gives us yet another example or two where one county is banning outdoor gatherings (you’ll not it’s not the one hosting the Super Bowl) and a school district commits what we’d call child abuse in a home setting.

Steve Harvey is a talented man. He’s at the top of his game, but has one aspect he won’t perform- standup comedy. It's a shame, because he’s hilarious. But, he has a point and we should listen up.

Florida Today’s John Torres is with us in our final hour today. He has some thoughts on the state budget in his latest column. We'll also take a look at reaction to my column which ran yesterday in Florida Today and at BillMick.com.


Bari Weiss- how fortunate we are in FL



Steve Harvey- no more stand-up



Employer woes in Brevard

Today’s launch has a southerly path

State of the State: FL, the freest state

Beatty on Free Speech



CA county bans outdoor gatherings

Abusing kids for appearances

In their own words

Biden presents false choices


Florida Today’s John Torres

John has an idea for the state budget

Bill’s column getting some attention

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