The verdict came in Friday. Kyle Rittenhouse is not guilty of the charges he faced in Kenosha, Wisconsin. While many celebrate the workings of the court system, others are again trying to burn down the country. We'll focus on the trial, the aftermath and what it all means throughout today’s show. My Wednesday column will address these issues as well. Be sure you’re signed up for our INSIDER email at the top of the page.

We’ll begin today’s show with the verdict. We'll then move to the irrational reaction of the mobs that are marching, protesting and burning American cities. Not knowing what they are doing or asking for lands them IN A HANDBASKET at 6:42.

In our 7am hour we’ll look at the trial itself with retired Brevard judge Stephen Koons. The legal perspective on the arguments, requests for mistrial and the judicial proceedings will be in focus for the hour.

Dave Bowman will join us for hour 3 as we look at the societal implications of the aftermath of the reaction by the president, politicians, the public and the role of the media in the twisted view of justice by so many in our country. As for that police officer in Norfolk, VA who was fired for supporting and donating to the Rittenhouse defense fund, he wants his job back.

SIDE NOTE: the rest of the story of the Brevard Fire/Medic who reportedly told a patient shot by deputies that his wounds would have been worse if the patient had been black has been told by the BCSO. It focuses on the crimes committed by the bad guy and yes, it does appear to be a case of attempted suicide by cop. The story is linked up below.

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Protesters: know not what they ask for



The president- is angry

Politicians- ignore the constitution and law

The rogue Democrat

The protesters-

cities burn


The media- Jesse Waters

Established facts be damned

Schooling the media



Fired Rittenhouse supporting cop wants his job back!

Parents the problem in education?



The story behind the “anti-cop Brevard Fire Medic

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