11.16.21- Disarmed by the King (Center)

A Friday night trip to the King Center left me frustrated with ignorance and incompetence. 

I had tickets to 1964, a Beatles tribute band. It’s been a while since I had attended the King Center; I had friends going and was looking forward to the evening. 

I parked and headed inside. Now, I am generally armed when out in public. A career in police work will do that for ya. I am not in police work any longer. I had a gun. 

Apparently that’s a no-no. I trudged back to the truck to secure the firearm. Back at the entrance I realized the spare magazine was in my pocket. Oops. So I put it in the basket with my keys and the hoopla began. 

The security guys would not allow me to enter with the magazine- like I could magically fire the bullets without the gun. None the less, the trip back to the truck was my last. I went home. 

I understand safety and this was not that. But, I did enjoy the WV basketball game on TV Friday night. 

11.17.21- BCFR’s Non-Racial Issue 

Someone is trying to make race an issue with Brevard Fire/Rescue. Commissioner Bryan Lober brought the latest incident to the board Tuesday. 

Apparently a black Fire-Medic told a white patient who was shot by a Brevard Deputy that his wounds would have been worse if he were black. 

Lober brought this to the commission meeting to virtue signal that, with two recent issues that may be race related in recent weeks, it’s time to demand more training for BCFR staff. 

The previous incident was a white firefighter who was in blackface at a Halloween party. 

Did either incident impact the job performance of the people in question? Have they otherwise displayed racism in the performance of their duties? If not, what business does the commission have interjecting itself in the management of the department? 

It appears to me we have offsetting penalties. Replay the down and move on with business… 

…instead of stupid politicking. 

11.18.21- Kenosha’s Dangerous 

We had a vibrant conversation on Thursday. In the 7:00 hour Kenosha, WI was the focus. It’s a dangerous place. 

Some folks, in defense of Kyle Rittenhouse, are making it worse. Yes, protesters want the kid found guilty. But what good does it do to counter protest? 

We have a court system to handle the issues in Kenosha. Opinions of anyone outside the courtroom as to what the outcome should be are irrelevant. Going out to oppose them seems like nothing more than an exercise in futility. 

The protesters won’t be dissuaded. Even if they are pushed back or give up and leave, nothing has been won. 

Counter protesting brings nothing positive and, quite possibly, is an invitation to violence and mayhem. Who wants that? And what good would it bring? 

That’s right, it wouldn’t. The jury will have a verdict soon enough. 

Sadly, I believe protests are coming no matter what the jury decides. 

11.19.21- News, to report not BE News

The job of the media is report the news that happens, not the subject of the news. Nobody is surprised that MSNBC has trouble on that front, most recently at the Kyle Rittenhouse trial. 

A producer for the leftist network decided that following the jury bus to and from the courthouse was a good idea. He claimed to be following orders. 

He ran a red light as to not lose the jury in its travels and was stopped by police. 

When word of the incident reached the judge, the judge dropped the hammer, or gavel, on MSNBC. 

The network is now banned from the proceedings and the judge has referred the incident to the proper authorities. 

The media has driven a narrative of presumed guilt throughout this trial, apparently better than it can drive during surveillance. 

If the media would only do its job instead of trying to drive opinion we’d be better off and better informed. 

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