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Long weekends are strange for me. I'm used to quite the opposite. It’s not that I don’t enjoy them, they’re just different. And being single, I get quite a bit of my own company. I had a few learning experiences this weekend and two of them were good! One is from the King Center, another is from church and the third is the subject of a column later this week at

IN A HANDBASKET we’ll take a look at new technology deigned to prevent drunk driving.

At today’s Brevard School Board meeting a new chair will be selected and the board will begin to reconsider the new public speaking policy. I wonder if they’ll let you speak out on it?

Dave Bowman joins us in hour 3 as we’ll look at his native land of Oklahoma and how the National Guard is handling vaccine mandates, the Scottsdale, AZ “dossier” case, the Rittenhouse trial and, given time, the Jon Gruden email scandal.


Welcome to your day to drive the discussion on BML.WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY lets you bring any topic to the table when you call the show.321.768.1240 puts you in the driver’s seat with whatever is on your mind. Except for you, Rod. With that mind we have to be careful.

It’s a sad and glad day for us. Our friend and frequent caller, Scott Cuthbert is leaving the Space Coast for Texas where he’ll be near his kids and grandkids. While we’ll miss the opportunities to catch up in person, I’m sure Scott will join us via the iHeart Radio App and continue to be part of the conversation.

As for our day, there has been some action in Scottsdale, AZ where that school board president had a dossier on dissenting parents. New York is making law that should never be made, landing the Empire State IN A HANDBASKET.

Could BATMAN be real? My old stomping ground of the Central Valley of California may just say yes to that question.

We also have news from Brevard’s school board, county commission, fire rescue department and an agreement with teachers’ union.


An unexpected news story began our Thursday conversation. A bill proposed in the legislature would require background checks to buy or sell ammunition. Violations could result in 5 year prison terms. We didn’t like that idea at all.

While I had some fun with yesterday’s caller of the day, Joe in Viera, with my Mountaineers defeating his Pitt Panthers last week on the hardwood, we need to take a look IN A HANDBASKET to fine Pitt again being embarrassed.

We watch and we wait. We have our opinions on the Rittenhouse trial and the surrounding events. The jury has not yet reached a verdict and the courtroom wrangling continues while they deliberate. Outside the courthouse the community is preparing for more riots.


After a ho-hum COVID ruled Summer Olympics last time out, the United States’ prospects for an exciting Winter Games are on the slopes without skis. The Biden administration is considering a boycott of the games that, although as political as anything else these days, are supposed to be a celebration of sport outside the ravages of political strife. It may not matter; the International Olympic Committee is doing its best to kill women’s sports.

Ugh-oh! The French are riled up. Another revolution is in the offing! A new French Connection is developing and the French are none too happy. The Frito Bandito welcomes the French contingent to the Politically Incorrect Posse in this morning’s edition of IN A HANDBASKET.

All eyes are on Kenosha. The Rittenhouse jury is still out deliberating and there is no indication when the verdict will be reached. That doesn’t mean there’s no news from the Wisconsin venue. One objective of the news folks is to not become the news. MSNBC has failed miserably on that count and Judge Bruce Schroeder has banned the NBC network from the courtroom for the duration of the proceedings. While NBC tried to distance itself from the event, the media doing what it does has come to light.

And while we’re there, Judge Schroeder has allowed the jury to take the jury instructions home saying to the lawyers that the instructions are “very confusing." Wait, wasn’t that his job as the instructions were crafted?

In our final hour of this week Representative Tyler Sirois is with us to break down the new Florida law that was crafted in the Special Session of the legislature this week. It could put Florida businesses in a tough spot while attempting to stand for the freedom of Floridians from vaccine mandates and more. The Biden administration is urging businesses to go ahead and implement such policies regardless of pending court action on the legality thereof.

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