A Carolina college professor is under fire for doing something that we should all do more of- refuse to give in to fake (and incorrectly assumed) outrage. Students making assumptions with items from a previous session remaining on a whiteboard decided the list was racist. It was no such thing. When the professor defended the guest who made the list was suspended from his classes.Coastal Carolina is looking pretty stupid here.

We know the Biden administration has its share of problems. Getting involved in social issue debate has now landed the State Department IN A HANDBASKET.

When Governor DeSantis was in Brevard earlier this week, he was here about issues in our schools and one incident in particular. We got a rewrapped story about the governor verses the Biden administration as opposed to the headline that should have been. We have another laying out defense of school board member Jennifer Jenkins’ claims of harassment that detail the horrendous things some people have done at Jenkins home. This story ignores the acts of Jenkins in maligning Moms for Liberty with unfounded accusations that M4L orchestrated the bad deeds.M4L has denounced those acts and the people who committed them. Jenkins and the media continue the deception. An Arkansas senator has filed a bill in DC to support parents and their rights in education when it comes to their kids.

Vaccine mandates are a stain on our nation. They are not what we were taught and believe America is supposed to be. While defense contractors bow to the dictatorial edicts from King Joseph the First and IN-N-OUT Burger leads the way by showing how to fight back, Governor DeSantis is calling for a special session of the legislature to take action in defense of freedom and jobs. If only the defense contractors had the wisdom and courage of a burger joint and a Southern governor.


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