COVID Vaccine Mandate Just the Beginning

It’s only the beginning of medical mandates. First it’s buying insurance with Obamacare. Then it’s take the COVID vaccine or lose your job. We star our day with the latest: take a flu shot or don’t get into college! It's not about health, it’s about power!

IN A HANDBASKET takes us to California where parents are outraged over how their children are being treated…at lunch.

Governor DeSantis spoke in Brevard yesterday. He was here about issues in our schools and one incident in particular. It's interesting the main issue hasn’t been reported. I don’t have complete details for you, they have not been published other than in the video of the press conference. Instead we got a rewrapped story about the governor verses the Biden administration and another laying out defense of school board member Jennifer Jenkins claims of harassment that details the horrendous things some people have done at Jenkins home. The story ignores the acts of Jenkins in maligning Moms For Liberty with unfounded accusations that M4L orchestrated the bad.M4L has denounced those acts and the people who committed them. Jenkins and the media continue the deception.


Medical Mandates list grows…and will continue



I saw you…eating in the rain



Burying the lead- in support of JJ Dynamite

Burying the lead II- ignoring the issue presented

Palm Bay corruption case-who’s breathing easier today?


Florida Today’s John Torres

Aquarium- Yes!Seafood Served- NO!



Facebook and labor law- FB doesn’t like rules



College kids resist- tracking trouble



Apologizing for NOTHING (needs to stop)

New Pronouns: Let’s Go Brandon

Aaron Rodgers- above the WOKEness

Facebook has problems

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