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By now you likely know where I stand on meaningless protests (that accomplish nothing but ridicule and maybe some warm fuzzies for the folks who believe they actually accomplish something).I mean, they can’t even be creative in their futile gestures.You’ll see what I mean as we open today’s discussion.

American education is a vast wasteland.Once we are past the basics of reading, writing, simple math, coloring inside the lines and not running with scissors, what of value comes from secondary and higher education?Morons.Morons come from the system we have in play now.Candace Owen was compelling her perspective on this at Saturday night’s RLC Constitution Day Dinner.And she’s right, as our IN A HANDBASKET story will show us.

Let’s stay on the education front as we have a couple of stories there.The US Department of Education is “investigating” Florida for the idea of parent opt-outs of masks.The governor’s mask mandate ban is back on- for now. And, speaking of mandates, the panic over President Biden’s announcement last week is certainly legitimate in many ways, but not all federal agencies are on the hook.

Dave Bowman is back in our 8am hour.His recent takes on these things have been interesting as his home state, Washington, is one of the more restrictive in the country.What are the ethics of vaccine mandates and the government monitoring your online activity?


Sheriff Wayne Ivey will join us for our final hour this morning.On August 30th two of his deputies were ambushed by a passenger during a traffic stop.The wanted criminal, apparently fearing he would be shortly on his way back to jail, exited the car with a firearm and began shooting.The video of the incident is frightening, but is also telling as to how quickly things change from a very calm situation to a deadly one.The deputies survived; the bad guy did not.We’ll talk the dangers faced by cops every day, the court system and more.

Our day opens where many of us begin our days- social media.If you’re conservative you have ideas about what the various platforms think about you and your ideas.You may very well be a Facebook Jail ex-con and you never had a trial.You won’t be surprised at the concept of Facebook Haves and Have Nots.Twitter serves up and example as well.

A couple of different stories take us IN A HANDBASKET today.In the first CBS is doing its best to bring activist television to us all.I cannot imagine wanting to watch this latest idea, but there will be those who do.In our second IAH story an unarmed store clerk decided to fight back.She ended up with the bad guy’s gun and then she ended up off the job.

Vaccine mandates are in the news and Governor DeSantis says he’ll fight the idea.Some Florida governments are going the other way and it could be costly.


SpaceX has a launch scheduled tonight.The crew is made up on people who are not, get that, not astronauts.It’s an all civilian crew.As we begin a WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY I have a question. Would you take the flight if your crewmates were just like you- not astronauts?

The rest of the day’s plans were out the window.Wide Open Wednesday gave the audience the choice of content.They were active…and all over the place!


It was a beautiful night and an amazing launch as SpaceX launched Inspiration 4 from the Kennedy Space Center at 8:02 last night.Those 4 civilian astronauts are now on their three day journey orbiting the earth.You could see the excitement build as the countdown progressed.The technology and video capabilities are amazing.

It’s coming to the point where dissenting thought is just not allowed.IN A HANDBASKET today we find a University of Florida professor who is the subject of a complaint for allowing a student to express such a thing.If this persists, sending your kid to UF is a waste of time and money.

While we’re on education, can Governor Ron DeSantis fix the problems Jeb Bush brought to Florida’s education system?He’s going to try.High stakes testing is a miserable failure.DeSantis aims to correct that mistake.The teachers unions around the state are echoing support for the idea.The governor’s also won another round in the courts over his ban on school mask mandates.A federal judge has turned back a suit challenging the ban.

We’ll catch up with Florida Today Engagement Editor John Torres in our 8am hour.We’ll talk amateur astronauts, what actually constitutes news and what John’s been covering lately.


. Eastern Florida State’s Chris Muro, a political science professor, joins us in our final hour today on the 234th anniversary of the signing of the Constitution.The National Archives has a trigger warning on our founding documents on their web site.Can the constitution survive that?Has it survived so far?We’ll have Chris’ insights as we close our week together.

We’ll open the day with more WOKENESS.We’ve discussed CBS’s new reality competition, ‘The Activist.”The show’s host started an apology tour (the left ain’t happy about making a game of their activism) and CBS is rethinking the concept.

IN A HANDBASKET today is a t-shirt produced for sale by one of Sheriff Wayne Ivey’s charities.While the cause is a good one, the shirt’s a bad call and the charity should follow CBS’ lead and rethink this one.

Is the federal government deciding your healthcare options based on the politics of your state?It looks that way and Governor DeSantis is none too happy.Redistricting is upon us.The once every ten year adjustment of our election lines always gets attention.This time the whining has started before the work begins.Locally, the Brevard Chapter of Moms for Liberty is raising funds to file a lawsuit against Brevard Schools over its mask policy.Poking mama bears is never wise.

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