The Week That Was:


·Rule Number 1: The Boss is Always Right. Rule Number 2: When the Boss is Wrong, See Rule One. That seems pretty simple. The Boss either owns the place or has been hired by the person who owns the place to run it appropriately. Bosses are bosses because of experience, knowledge, ability or (to be honest) suck-up ability or family connections, but the Boss is THE BOSS.NOT ANYMORE! Today’s snowflake workforce thinks it’s entitled to its own way because that’s how we’ve taught them to be. Participation trophies, no excellence required and doing anything to stop the incessant whining taught this group nothing. A company we praised last week for eliminating political discussion in the workplace is seeing the ramifications of this generation of entitled workers as a result of the company’s good decision.

·We saw Prime Time Charlie Crist as governor when he was acting like he was a Republican. Now the Democrat congressman looks to be trying to return to his old job in the 2022 election. We’ve seen this movie already. It wasn’t good and it certainly doesn’t warrant a sequel!

·How did Crist pass for a Republican for so long? Easy, the Republican Party did not care that he had no conservative values! It still doesn’t care about that or stand for anything other than keeping the R’s, wherever they’re elected, in office no matter what they do. How many times was I vilified for calling out Crist, Rick Scott and others out? Just about every time. You can’t root for the team when the starters are playing for the other side! Yet, that is the expectation from the party at all levels. As the Facebook memes say, PROVE ME WRONG…and no matter how hard you try, you can’t!

·Dave Bowman has an interesting take on the Supreme Court and an issue involving schools. We also look at THE RONA and UFOs.


·What do you think about those Facebook fact checkers? Now, how would you feel about them protecting the country? It may not be exactly the case, but it sure sounds like it!

·What about fact checkers turning to opinion checkers with your job on the line? How quickly would America become the land of allowed speech? Take your mask off before you tell me!

·Free at last, are we? If Governor DeSantis has anything to say about it we are. He’s signed an executive order returning Florida to mask-free normalcy and blocking local COVID restrictions until the new by the legislature kicks in come July. Who drove the CDC on restrictions for schools during THE RONA? Would you believe the teachers unions? No wonder it was screwed up!

·In a barnburner hour we looked at protests in our area and a stupid assumption that hurt the counter-protesters cause (again).


·It’s getting harder to believe Derek Chauvin got a fear trial in Minneapolis. We’ve learned that the juror who spoke out last week had been to DC for a BLM protest and was photographed there wearing a BLM t-shirt. He failed to disclose this to the court before his selection in spite of protest related questions posed. Did he intentionally deceive the court to get onto the jury? He wanted on bad and he said so. Chauvin has filed for the verdict to be removed and new trial to be had.

·Coke has lost it, any sense of business operations. Quality is out and diversity is in. When you care more about the skin color of lawyers representing you than the quality of their work, you’re missing the boat.

·In Tuesday’s 8am hour we talked about protests and counter-protests in Brevard. Are we addicted to the conflict and therefore not able to be part of any solution? For some it seems that way. The Sherriff of Los Angeles County echoed my take as he spoke to Laura Ingraham.


·As we twist our way into creating criminal acts, who knew Burger King and tomatoes would bring it about? Likewise, a kiss that saved a life is now vilified as not being consensual…in a cartoon. And while fictional characters must now (apparently) get consent before the life saving kiss, real life girls must expect their private spaces be invaded by guys and like it.

·What our police officers face is a shame. What they face from the same crowd controlling the cartoon and real WOKE world is worse.

·California thought it has settled state politics forever with its “jungle primary” election system. What happens when it’s tried outside California? Texas has shown them!

·Hour three brings Florida Today’s Engagement Editor John Torres to BML. John has been an anti-death penalty guy. Maybe he mostly still is, but he’s had an experience that got him to thinking. It’ll make us think, too.


·We spent two hours with Representative Tyler Sirois on today’s show. The legislative session is done. The governor is signing bills and opponents are filing suits. We have issues that made it, those that didn’t and the controversy over one in particular. And then, there’ll be a special session next month to deal with the gambling compact with the Seminole Tribe.

·As we start our day we’ll have a follow-up to the cop hating professor who had it out with her student and a youth soccer coach lands himself IN A HANDBASKET over masks.