Bills, Laws & Lawsuits

We’ll spend two hours with Representative Tyler Sirois on today’s show. The legislative session is done. The governor is signing bills and opponents are filing suits. We have issues that made it, those that didn’t and the controversy over one in particular. And then, there’ll be a special session next month to deal with the gambling compact with the Seminole Tribe. We’ll take your calls on the issues when Tyler joins us starting at 7am.

As we start our day we’ll have a follow-up to the cop hating professor who had it out with her student and a youth soccer coach lands himself IN A HANDBASKET over masks.

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Follow-up on cop hating professor



Youth soccer coach-mask Nazi


Rep. Tyler Sirois at 8:

10 issues from the session

10 dead issues from the session

State revenues on the uptick

Governor signs elections bill

Lawsuits filed immediately over elections law

Takes care of Disney in tech bill

Constitutional amendment $ limited

Capitol to reopen- special session ahead

Special Session on gambling ahead



School boards/admins union controlled

Johns Hopkins Prof: don’t buy the fear mongering!

Eviction ban stricken down