Tomatoes & Race, Snow White & Consent

As we twist our way into creating criminal acts, who knew Burger King and tomatoes would bring it about? Likewise, a kiss that saved a life is now vilified as not being consensual…in a cartoon. And while fictional characters must now (apparently) get consent before the life saving kiss, real life girls must expect their private spaces be invaded by guys and like it.

What our police officers face is a shame. What they face from the same crowd controlling the cartoon and real WOKE world is worse.

California thought it has settled state politics forever with its “jungle primary” election system. What happens when it’s tried outside California? Texas has shown them!

Hour three brings Florida Today’s Engagement Editor John Torres to BML. John has been an anti-death penalty guy. Maybe he mostly still is, but he’s had an experience that got him to thinking. It’ll make us think, too.


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