I want to believe in our criminal justice system. It’s getting harder to believe Derek Chauvin got a fear trial in Minneapolis. We’ve learned that the juror who spoke out last week had been to DC for a BLM protest and was photographed there wearing a BLM t-shirt. He failed to disclose this to the court before his selection in spite of protest related questions posed. Did he intentionally deceive the court to get onto the jury? He wanted on bad and he said so. Chauvin has filed for the verdict to be removed and new trial to be had.

Coke has lost it, any sense of business operations. Quality is out and diversity is in. When you care more about the skin color of lawyers representing you than the quality of their work, you’re missing the boat.

In Tuesday’s 8am hour we talked about protests and counter-protests in Brevard. Are we addicted to the conflict and therefore not able to be part of any solution?For some it seems that way.The Sherriff of Los Angeles County echoed my take as he spoke to Laura Ingraham.

President Trump has launched a communications platform. It’s a one way deal, him talking to viewers, but no talkback option. Somehow I’m not surprised by that. Maybe it grows into more.

We are frustrated. A year of bad reaction to the coronavirus will do that to you. Those frustrations are boiling over more and more it seems. One place it’s evident is on airlines.

Here in Florida we have Charlie Crist in the governor’s race, Tallahassee going anti-cop as the city pushes the Marsy’s law ruling to the State Supreme Court and Brevard opening up alcohol sales to all hours.

That’s a lot to get to. We may hit some or even all of them, but it’s not likely. Today is your day and if it’s on your mind, it’s on Bill Mick LIVE. We’ll talk your topics when you call us at 321.768.1240.

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