STATS don't matter- baseball and online dating!

Baseball, America’s pastime, has been changing.  Analytics is the practice that may be destroying the game.  That and replay.  Former Nationals star Jason Werth is speaking out and he’s on to something. Then there’s online dating and an observation of statistics that could be insightful.

Is it possible Ron DeSantis is leading Adam Putnam by 20 points?  One poll says so.  In a season here lying seems to be the rule of the day for candidates, one candidate for the Florida House has a questionable resume.  This time the lies may be self inflicted.  Sheriff’s are speaking out in the Attorney General race and the lies could bite the candidate spewing them.  On letter to Florida Today nails Governor Scott on an ad idea he should drop immediately.  There is plenty to show why Bill nelson should be replaced; there is no need to go where the governor did.

As our candidate interviews continue on BML Frank Sullivan is scheduled in our 8am hour as he seeks the District 2 School Board seat.

Today’s INSIDER column lays out how I decide my votes in election season.  Next week’s column will reveal my votes in the Primary.


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