Operation Enduring Facts: Fine becomes Baghdad Bob!

In Response Watch-Day 3 we wait with held breath as the governor has yet to respond to Randy Fine’s request for a Special Prosecutor to look into what State Attorney Phil archer has said was not against the law.  Not satisfied, Fine is doubling down on his ignorance with arrogance.  Fine now proposes to file legislation directed at State Attorneys and participation in the political process.  He’d best not stop there if he’s to be consistent.  He’ll need to include sheriffs as Fine also targeted Sheriff Wayne Ivey with the same accusation in his letter earlier this week.  It’s sad that Randy Fine has no ability to admit when he has erred.  It’s a disaster when his reactionary personality tries to throw his legislative weight around to avoid looking like he is wrong.

It’s another campaign season and Andy Ziegler is back in the news.  While the harassment allegations leveled at Ziegler were found to be without merit, his accuser has accused the school board member of retaliation.  It’s interesting that this is an HR Director that did not know how to handle the original harassment complaint and it would appear her new gripe is more likely retaliation on her part then Ziegler’s.

We are seeing more comedians speaking out against the politically correct society some would have us become.  Chris Rock is the latest.  Could we see a politically incorrect comedy explosion coming?  If I know comedy the answer is…you bet your multi-ethnic hiney it’s on the way!  We’ll begin our morning there.  And on a more serious note, how far will the sports would expect its employers to go into the personal lives of its employees?  What’s appropriate when some type of abuse is in play?  Who bears the responsibility?

Our final hour brings D-1 School Board Candidate David Meader to the studio as he seeks to unseat board member Misty Belford.


Is a comedy explosion coming?

Has the sports world gone too far?

Ziegler accused of retaliation, take another look

Another Fine mess, the rep can’t learn

Dems following socialism- #walkaway

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