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07.30.18- Publix Puppies

It’s a trend I have noticed recently and I don’t like it.  Apparently Publix has noticed it, too, and the stores have posted signs prohibiting behavior now adopted, that would have been unheard of just a few years ago.

The behavior? 

Taking your dog into the grocery store. 

Not that long ago people would have been outraged at the practice.  It’s unsanitary and potentially unsafe for kids or even the animals.

At some point, when I was still in school, we started making exceptions for service animals, mostly Seeing Eye dogs.  That was a great decision.

Now people have been perverting the privilege to try and take all kinds of things onto airplane and into otherwise prohibited venues under the guise of being a service animal.  Note to you folks- grocery stores are again delivering to your car or home.  Try it.

And Publix, you have the right idea.  Now if you could just apply the policy to whiny protesting kids lying in your aisles!


07.31.18- A Fine (clueless) Mess

Not only is State Representative Randy Fine a political rookie who is full of himself.  His alleged intelligence has not translated into the political world he now occupies.

Fine is now meddling in the County Commission District 4 race with robo-calls funded by his political action committee.  Oh, he has the right, but his execution is pathetic.  He takes out of context quotes by Curt Smith and tries to make them something they aren’t.

If Fine was not involved in crafting the deceptive and outright lying anti-Smith mailers, he’s certainly learned from them.  And it was not a positive lesson.

His robo-calls make no sense and his letter to Phil Archer is yet another cry from Mount Tallahassee for mortals to do the legislature’s bidding.

Fine was elected to make law, something he has not yet mastered except for issues of his own interest.  If he wants to manage the county, he ran for the wrong office.

It’s time to demand better from Randy Fine.


08.01.18- Randy Fine, Bless His Heart

It’s sad really, when an otherwise intelligent man jumps into a world he doesn’t know and begins asserting his own power and wisdom when he has none.

Meet State Representative Randy Fine whose meddling in the County Commission D-4 race is nothing short of naïve. 

He is funding robo-calls that make no sense in attacking Commissioner Curt Smith.  He has interpreted the law himself to mean that comments from the commission dais are campaigning and that they are illegal; he’s asked the state attorney to criminally investigate those comments and now that he realized that Phil Archer endorsed Curt Smith, Fine decided to try and involve the governor in this petty political battle.

Accusing the Sheriff and the State Attorney in that same letter was also stupid and ill advised.

Representative Fine may be educated, but he’s also politically ignorant and stunts like these only serve to prove it.

08.02.18- Star Trek and Randy Fine

As I contemplate Randy Fine’s words to Phil Archer and Governor Scott in a feeble attempt to play politics in the D-4 county commission race, I am drawn to the Star Trek episode where the Enterprise crew and the Klingons are negotiating with natives on an alien planet.

The Klingon spins his tale and McCoy, who had spent time on the planet previously, stepped up and said, “The Klingon’s words are unimportant and we do not hear them.”  He then turned to his shipmates and said, “I just called the Klingon a liar.”  Seems to fit...Randy Fine’s political meddling is either inept or dishonest.  It could very well be both.

It’s people like Randy Fine and the Infantini camp (and she totally owned the lies on Wednesday’s show when she would not denounce or disavow the lying septic tank mailer) that keep good people, even those with whom we disagree, from serving or even considering serving in public office. 

What a disservice that is to all of us.


08.03.18- Randy Fine IS Baghdad Bob!

In what I have dubbed Operation Enduring Facts Randy Fine has successfully wrestled the spotlight from the District 4 County Commission race and placed it squarely on himself.

Fine, an ally and supporter of Trudie Infantini, in his never ending stretch to paint Curt Smith as a bad guy, has managed to shift the debate to one between Fine and State Attorney Phil Archer.

Fine contends Archer is wrong on the law regarding Fine’s exaggerated allegation of Smith “campaigning” from the commission dais.  Never mind that Archer is a career prosecutor who is charged with that responsibility and knows the law.

Fine threatens legislation to stop State Attorneys from endorsing in campaigns.  Just because Fine may not have the integrity to impartially evaluate when he has an ally involved does not mean others, like Archer, can not.

And, like the Iraqi regime spokesman, Fine believes his own delusions rather than the facts. 

That, my friends, is scary in a legislator!

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