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Some parents are opting out of identifying their kids by gender.  No, I am not talking about pre-birth.  I am talking about EVER. 

The more I think of this there may be advantages and, of course, disadvantages.

Advantage: all hand-me-downs are good.

Disadvantage: color choices are limited as shades of blue and pink are out.  Shades of grey are apparently in.

Advantage: Boring baby names are out & “hey you” is completely acceptable.

Disadvantage: People think you name your kids after Star Trek characters.

Advantage: haircuts are unnecessary.

Disadvantage: People think you are a hippie family, which is likely accurate.

Advantage: discipline. “I don’t even know that kid’s gender, much less who the parents are.” 

Disadvantage: People think you are nuts, which you probably are.

Advantage: buy the kid toys you like.

Disadvantage: they are likely electronic and you aren’t good with them!

Really people, THIS has been settled science since creation!


It happened on Tuesday’s show.  David Bishop, publisher of Florida conservative news site FLANEWSONLINE.COM was commenting on the Republican Primary for Governor.  He said, as it stands now, Ron DeSantis will be the nominee.

If accurate, this is no small feat.  Adam Putnam was in this race early and the money was behind him. DeSantis got in at the first of the year and had no ground game.  Putnam’s lead in the polls continued.

Then a couple of things happened.  President Trump got behind Ron DeSantis who has been an ally to the president in congress and Adam Putnam started with negative ads about DeSantis which are not truthful.

Putnam spun the DeSantis record into things it is not.  The latest of these touts advocacy for the FAIR TAX idea that Putnam spins as only a 23% tax increase.

I hope Bishop is right.  I hope this is over and DeSantis is the candidate.  I can’t stand the idea of a smarmy, lying politician like Putnam becoming governor and I don’t want to vote Democrat to keep it from happening!


When the Brevard County Commission can’t have a unanimous vote without controversy being stirred, there is a problem.  I believe I have identified that problem.

The problem’s name is John Tobia and the biggest part of the problem is he can’t stop himself from campaigning against Curt Smith from the dais.

No, they don’t run against each other, but Tobia has had it out for Smith since Tobia entered the commission with both figurative middle fingers extended to the room in the attitude he has exhibited since the start.

You see, the unanimous vote was for TDC funding for lagoon projects.  Unanimous means they all voted yes, right?

Then why did Tobia have to talk about Curt “flip-flopping” his position?  I suppose because it’s out of character for him to recognize the win in a gracious manner.

Brevard deserves better.

07.26.18- Trudie Owns It & Putnam Panics

The similarities are glaring and they tell us a lot.

First Adam Putnam is now trailing Congressman Ron DeSantis in credible polling for the Republican nomination for governor.  Putnam’s panicked reaction (funded by his own PAC) is to continue negative, deceptive mailers and ads that falsely paint DeSantis as a tax raising liberal.  If you have nothing good to say about yourself, trash your opponent.  Lie if you have to.

The same thing is happening in the D-4 county commission race in Brevard where Trudie Infantini’s camp is dropping tens of thousands of dollars on several deceptive and at least one lying anti-Curt Smith mailer.

While PACs affiliated with Mike Haridopolos and Seminole State Rep. Jason Brodeur are paying the freight, Trudie owns these as well.  Voters perceive it that way and she has not disavowed the tactic.

It’s a shame that after 8 years she is not forcing supporters to tout the record she claims to run on.

07.27.18- Fake News Isn’t New

Friday was the anniversary of the 1996 Centennial Olympic Bombing in Atlanta.  It may not have been the start but it is a great example that “fake news” is not a construct of the Trump presidency.

You see, security guard Richard Jewell was the security guard who discovered the bomb several minutes before the bomber called in his warning to authorities.  Jewell’s actions saved countless lives.  It mattered not to the media.

You see, after proclaiming Jewell as a hero, the media learned that Jewell was a “person of interest” to the FBI.  It made sense, often times an arsonist or bomber likes being around his crime.  Investigating the discoverer of the bomb was smart.  The leak of that investigation to the media was not.

Jewell was vilified in the press and the multiple lawsuits he won in the aftermath after the medial killed his career opportunities didn’t really clear his stained reputation.

No, fake news isn’t new, and it’s always been damaging.

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