From the Jungle to the Newsroom...

From the jungles of Africa to Hollywood it’s a mixed bag on BML today.  Jungle justice is served as a pride of lions serves itself…on poachers!  You have to love James Woods’ unabashed conservative stance while still being part of Hollywood.  It’s cost him.  I am sure he’s lost roles and now he’s lost his agent. 

Yesterday the news was proclaiming the bravery of a Texas mother who shot the car jacker who attempted his theft with her children in the car.  But mom has a couple of questions to answer and some behavior to change if you ask me. 

During the show yesterday we talked about the #walkaway founder who has left the Democratic Party and is urging others to do the same.  He went shopping for recording equipment and got the expected reception. 

While we aren’t naming the new Palm Bay deputy city manager, his predecessor brings an unnecessary sideshow to the story.

In our final hour today we’ll focus on media, both here in the states and internationally.  Florida Today’s Bob Gabordi will join us and he’s bringing friends from Pakistan.  We’ll look at the state of journalism here and there and get our guests perspective on both.


Jungle justice?

You’ve got to love James Woods

Mom saves kids from carjacking, but is anyone calling mom out?

#Walkaway founder refused service for his stance

Palm Bay names acting Deputy City Manager Who Shall Not Be Named

Bob Gabordi: reacting to newsroom shooting

Does Jim Acosta represent mainstream media?  Should he?

Reporter loses job over tweet

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