Maybe it’s because the president “tweets” or maybe it’s because we are now a society of abbreviated communication overall, but I am sick of every news story reporting what someone, or the masses, have tweeted about the news.

I’m OK with everyone having their own opinions about whatever story is in play, but the media has taken to twitter as if it is THE authority on public opinion and commentary.  For the record: tweets just aren’t long enough to be commentary, much less well thought out commentary.

One activist author who writes for HuffPost (is that a twitter handle?) caused a stir when she said she was confused by a black man driving a BMW that sported two conservative bumper stickers. 

The report said the twitterverse exploded with accusations of racism condemning her thoughts.  She eventually deleted the post.

While her hypocrisy was on display, she was driven to reaction by nameless, faceless keyboard warriors.

Maybe she should rethink the career!

Bill Mick LIVE

Bill Mick LIVE

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