Lies, Truth, More Truth and KY Judge Applies KY Jelly to Taxpayers

Familiarity often brings comfort to us.  I’m not sure that applies when we return to a time where Bill Clinton is lying to us…and he is…again.  When fraud catches up to you the results can be devastating.  Maybe if Rachel Dolezal reidentified as white it would go easier?  DO NOT have an accident in South Africa…apparently you could wake up in the morgue!

Alan Dershowitz is no conservative, but he is a constitutionalist.  His Democratic friends don’t like that since the constitution applies to even the president.  They’re taking it out on the Harvard Law Prof.  The media continues to ramp up the rhetoric on everything including Sarah Huckabee Sanders.  Why, you ask.  Apparently it’s because President Trump is winning and we have two editorial pieces recognizing that.   

As far as division in the country, we can’t even agree that men and women are different.  Well, those in academia can’t anyway!  But those women who get it…they like us real guys!

A KY judge has become KY Jelly for KY’s taxpayers when it comes to Medicaid work reforms.  In FL, I am so glad Richard Corcoran is out of power in Tallahassee.  And, in Palm Bay an assistant City Manager has been named, but here he most certainly shall not be.


Familiar territory: Bill Clinton lying to us

When fraud catches up to you

Do not have an accident in South Africa

Be a Dem, support Hillary, apply constitution to all, lose D friends

Media ramps up the rhetoric

Why?  Because President Trump is winning!

Left needs to face it

We can’t even agree men and women are different!

But the women who get it…like guys who are guys!

KY judge become KY Jelly for taxpayers

So glad Richard Corcoran is out of the power position

Palm Bay names acting Deputy City Manager Who Shall Not Be Named

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