MICKnugget: Unsettled Law: 07.02.18


The president has a decision to make.  He has a nomination to the Supreme Court in front of him…and the Democrats are unsettled.

You see, with this appointment the balance of the court is likely to swing from 4-4 with a swing vote to 5-4 with a conservative edge.

Democrats in and out of the senate are crying that Rowe v Wade is settled law, implying that once the Supreme Court has made a decision that it should never be overturned.

Remember the Dred Scott case?  Were it not overturned blacks in the US would still be slaves and not allowed to be citizens of the US even if they were born here.  Seems we fought a war about that one.

How about Plessy v Ferguson?  Had Brown v Board of Education not come along, blacks would still be in separate education facilities that were determined to be equal in Plessy, even though they were not.

So, Democrats…do you want to tell me again about settled law?

Yeah, I didn’t think so.

Bill Mick LIVE

Bill Mick LIVE

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