Kids, Cops, Protesters & Public Politics

Imagine this: we’ve been lied to by a Clinton…Bill Clinton.  It seems that “accidental” meeting with Loretta Lynch was a coordinated event.  I am shocked!  Shocked, I say!

Technology is something else.  It’s also something I have no intention of swallowing!  I also don’t swallow the nonsense our police officers are going through in places like Seattle.  The good news is- neither are the cops!

Let’s not let the facts get in the way of a good protest.  Last week’s protest at Bill Posey’s office was too little, too late.  This weekend’s nationally orchestrated protests were even more so. 

It seems our politics are taking us everywhere.  Far be it from a talk radio guy to lament the fact that politics are being talked all over, but restaurants need to understand how to handle the discussion without getting too involved or alienating their customers.

Brevard is ahead of the curve when it comes to workplace active shooter readiness.  There are resources available for your business from our law enforcement professionals.  You’d be well served to listen to them better than the school board did.

In national politics, the left has idiots running for office, they are being elected and they are speaking out. The president has talked about his upcoming Supreme Court selection.  That pick is only 7 days away. 


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